tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

A day in the life

Red rug green dress blue painting orange fish red strawberries yellow sunflowers.

My body is one gigantic sensory organ and I can't think of a better way to be.

And the colours! Oh, the colours!

It was a strawberry and mint kind of afternoon...

And, this is the best playground ever:

It had a skysurfer. I had a go on it. Now I want one... no seriously, please buy me one.

*bats eyelashes*

Anyway, we also went to the beach, where there were soppy love notes:

This may even have been Matt and Karly:

(I wanted to ask them but my companions wouldn't let me talk to anybody. Also, if you got a text or a call from me yesterday, please ignore it. They took my phone off me eventually *smile*)

The sand at this beach was amazing. It's really fine, and was warm from the sun, and I spent the sunset running my hands through it, feeling it, making patterns, watching crystallised layers form and reform, and formulating a plan for a zen garden in my mind. I want one of these too. *nods*

Now put on some Bocelli and look at this. Bocelli in one ear, NanoPortation in the other.

(Some folks might prefer to stick with just the opera, but I reckon don't knock it till you've tried it)

There are some very poncy houses in Waikanae. They have SUVs parked outside them with number plates like this:

And there are laws about peeping. Now, I don't think that sneaking into someone's driveway to take a photo of their wanky number plate is peeping. I think it's more akin to blatant staring, myself, and therefore I'm fully within the law. Also, you'll note that having a big SUV with a wanky number plate doesn't make you immune to backing into things.

Also, it was the full moon. The moon makes street lights look rather.. something. And the stars danced for us, joined by strings of fairy lights.

Waikanae has the most bizarre public toilet. You close the door on what you think is a normal toilet, and it starts talking to you! It informs you how to lock the door, and that you only have 10 minutes before it auto-cleans (too bad if you're still in there when it starts). Then it plays lounge music for you, which I have to say is kind of offputting. I spent the first five minutes in there laughing. What I didn't realise was that the lounge music was loud enough for people passing 10-15 metres away to hear, as was my laughter.

And when you leave, it thanks you "For using Exeloo" in an American accent. I was disappointed. Was expecting fanfare...

Today, I'm noticing the yellow things a lot.

And, in case you were wondering, those crystal salt lamps? They really do taste like salt.
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