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We bring the shiny

I think I'm supposed to make resolutions. But I'm not going to, for two reasons. I have plenty of resolve already, thanks, and because I read a post by thesecondcircle that postulated an idea that what you do on New Years Eve sets the tone for the year to come. I like this idea, so I'm yoinking it and applying it.

When I think about it, the way I spent last NYE did set the tone for a year that I'm glad to leave behind. But, it's behind, so it can bloody well stay there.

It's classified. *grin* Well, not really, but the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

So it started with a gathering at the home of two of my favourite people, who have gone from acquaintances to friends in the last year, and another of my favourite people with Fabio hair and a penchant for showing eye-widening, earworm-causing videos without warning (oh, and cheesy 80s dance moves). Oddly enough, there were a whole bunch of my favourite people there. And there was an open fire because Wellington turned on its *cough* best weather for the arrival of a burner friend from Australia, and to enhance the general revelry.

Anyway, the people I like to hang out with are not your average people. Consequently the conversation topics ranged from the archaeologist's wet dream that Britain is compared with New Zealand, through to the best way to dance in shackles and a brief touch on quantum mechanics (admittedly in reference to how confusing it is). Celebrities, tupperware and the size and consistency of baby stools were not mentioned. This is why I like these people. Also, we painted the Redheaded Nymph with UV paint, and made a cartoon phoenix in glowing electric blue from the unfinished tattoo on her back. Can we say Bringing The Shiny?

At around 11, a group of three of us synchronised our watches and headed off to Burger King for trashy sustenance and to meet the fourth member of Team Shiny. So while one party member munched a burger, the rest of us pulled YUCK faces at each other while experimenting with sublingual absorption of illicit substances. At this point I can't recommend the mouth-washing-out properties of L&P enough. Just saying.

And then it was trooping off to the venue - and yes, we did look something like Lord Of The Rings on acid. There was UV reactive hair, the fur cloak, a glow-in-the-dark spiral tattoo, and various reflective and shiny items of clothing. Have I mentioned the eye-gouging pink and black pleated kilt, worn with Lara Croft boots? Lady could have sold this many times over. It rocks. Choruses of "Happy New Year!" greeted us as we strolled along. These were from the drunk people who'd got carried away and forgotten that it was only 11.30. *cough*

We got inside, through the bag check ("Dude. Alcohol? There's no room for alcohol in my bag, there's 200 glowsticks in there!" *guy looks* *guy laughs* "OK, you're cool."), set about the preparations. This involves mostly snapping glowsticks and placing them about one's person, in anticipation of people asking for them and one giving them away later. The deal is, if you start off with about 30, you'll end up with about 10. So more really is better in this case. It was about this time that my jaw started to chatter and I got a nasty case of the dry heaves, which made me go "Urk." But luckily, this only lasted about 10 minutes, and giving myself something else to do really helped. The something else? Handing out glowsticks.

I have never seen a group of people so into the idea of Shiny, not even at Burning Man. Lady did her usual thing of disappearing into the crowd, armed with a handful, grabbing people and shining them up (and returning with a bottle of water for my stomach, yay her!). The rest of us stayed with the gear and snapped, connected and generally met pretty much everyone in the place (this is an exaggeration, there were in excess of 600 people there), while giving away 200 glowsticks in less than half an hour.

In fact, I was so absorbed *cough* that I didn't even notice the countdown and the actual turnover of the year. Also, Kermit was now showing signs of being in an altered state, and our other friend had turned into The Cutest Thing Ever. Give that man a lollipop! And a glow ball or two (seriously, people were offering us money for the glow stuff, and struggling with the concept that we were giving them away).

So, once the place was shiny to our satisfaction, it was onto the business at hand - DANCING! There were two zones - hoover and groover - and we waltzed into DJ Tidy's set in the hoover zone. She rocks. Seriously. She's rivalled only by Pequire in her ability to show she's enjoying herself. After her set we vacated to the groover zone, where all of a sudden everyone in the place (again an exaggeration, it was probably only about every third person) decided it was time to tell me they love my hair, my outfit, the UV design Lady had painted on me earlier, and generally embarrass me with compliments. To which I responded "Thank you!" *huge smile* *hug* *keep dancing* because, well, it was a hugging kind of night. The only thing missing was Gutter Boy, and that was probably my fault for checking my phone in with my bag and coat. Boo.

There was a very friendly vibe going on. One guy was grooving on this and got a bit carried away. And discovered that trying to shove his tongue down Lady's throat is a Very Bad Idea. Bwuahahahaaa!

And all of the toilets except one blocked. Some weird foible of the plumbing system meant that attempting to fix one would cause Stuff to come out of all the others (ew!) so they were closed and a Queue Of Gargantuan Proportions happened. This could have been a bummer, but most people saw it as an opportunity to be social, and made a point of going before they needed to, well, go.. and it wasn't really a problem. At least not for those of us who weren't drinking alcohol. Teehee!

Lady bailed at around 4am due to lack of coffee (these kind of events should so sell coffee), and the rest of us, who were still rolling along, continued dancing. Pequire came on at five, and we leaped around for his entire set, which kicked ass in a big way. I texted him this morning to tell him that. Because collecting djs' phone numbers seems to be a new hobby of mine. *smile* And when he was done at six, so were we.

You know that bit where you emerge from a room that's wall-to-wall hard trance, dark, with shiny lights and a close atmosphere, to discover it's daylight? And eveyone blinks and looks at each other and goes "So that's what you look like!" Hehe, kind of like possums dragged out in the daytime.. and we're sitting there on the steps talking to yet another dj who wants to play Kiwiburn ("220+bpm is hard trance, not gabber" - uh huh), and The Cutest Thing Ever is still bopping away, huge smile, lollipop, the whole bit. It made me happy. ;-)

In fact, when we hugged him and he set off for the train station, he was still dancing. *big huge happy smile*

I had beautiful dreams. And today, I like to touch things even more than usual. And I sent a special Thank You email to the person who gave me The Pants. Because, they are the only item of clothing I've ever had an emotional attachment to.

This morning afternoon, there was brunch of frittata and croissants (because we are multicultural and they cause mouth orgasms), and strawberries and coffee, with more of my favourite people, and then hanging out with my family, who are here for another two days.

So, if thesecondcircle's theory is right, then the tone for this year is being surrounded by my favourite people, lots of dancing, bringing the shiny, beautiful dreams, hanging out with family, and a generally happy and out-of-the-ordinary vibe permeating the whole thing.

I can live with that. *smile*
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