tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Well I never. Really.

Things I have said in the last 24 hours that I never thought I'd say:

"Please keep your BDSM seemly."

"Just don't put a cock on it, OK?"

"I have shearer's adhesive!"


No these were not all in the same conversation. Probably a good thing, that.

Also, I don't care that it's raining. It's proper rain, coming straight down not horizontally, and it's warm the way it should be at midsummer.

Meanwhile, my plan from the other day has fallen down a little. With three presents left to buy, I am lacking inspiration and am going to have to go browsing. Luckily, it's raining. This means less other browsers. Also luckily, work never notices whether I'm there or not, so I have more or less unlimited time. And, three times lucky, I have a knack for being grabbed by good gifts when I least expect it. So today is the day. No really. It is. Shut up.

That tutu/underskirt thing that's in the window of Hunters and Collectors? I want it. I want it bad.

What's come over me? I've never been a frilly thing kind of girl. But when I look at that I can see a variety of applications for it, all of which suddenly appeal to me.


Yeah, I'm still me. Only nowadays I wear dresses and put stuff in my hair and file my nails (when I have them - still inclined to chew if I don't have a file handy) and and and .... understand about shoes! Holy crap. Next thing I'll be flirting.

Also, I need to find some thigh high black leather boots and hot pants in the same. I have about 6 weeks to find these things, and would prefer not to buy them. Reckon costume hire places do this?

Yep, change change change. My Mum predicted this year would be like this. I'm not sure she envisioned quite the way it's happened though... *grin*
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