tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Last night, for the first time, I seriously considered moving to London.

I am Not Happy about what has happened to Phoenix-that-then-became-Stage-and-is-now-Imerst. I have no problem that it's a gay venue, but did it have to be the kind of gay venue that plays really bad house-ified cheesy pop and has all the sleaze of Pound without the entertainment value? The best bit about Imerst is Ricky the bartender who is hot as hell and urbanely complimentary. And his unshaven sidekick was Perving Mightily at Happy, who is indeed perv-worthy. (Question for the Experts-Who-Read-This - is it a guy thing, or is it a kiwi thing, or is it a me thing - the complete lack of subtlety in the way guys try to pick each other up?) But the music! *dies* What a waste of the best dancefloor in town. ;-/

WTF happened to last night? The djs failed to show at Curve, my psytrance gig had been replaced by a live band playing bogan rock, with associated very drunk people staggering around outside, and avoiding the 80's pop was nigh impossible. Oh, except for the hip hop. Ever seen white girls in tight dresses and heels trying to dance to hip hop? Dead funny, if a little internally cringeworthy for the fact that I'm a white girl. But some white girls can dance, and we choose not to dance to hip hop. I mean, it's basically house music - more or less the same beat, only with more emphasis on the words, and on trying to look cool, and also on bodily gyrations that imply you're good in bed. *yawn* Making teenage boys come in their pants isn't really an ambition of mine, although that guy that grabbed my ass... and that one the other day.. and.. *evil smirk* And, in reality, if girls in tight dresses and heels, wearing pained expressions because of the shoes, trying to dance to hip hop, is all they have to look at, who can blame them? Poor lads are deprived of perv material, and thus when someone turns up who is a) dressed for it, b) able to stay in rhythm, c) is fit and it shows, and d) is clearly enjoying themself - well, it must be just too too exciting for the wee things. And from my observations, they are not looking at the 36 year old face. They are looking at the ass, possibly the shoulders. And occasionally touching them. *grin*

So anyway, there was much random wandering around of hopped-up people looking for something that's actually danceable. Summer of 69? WTF?? Argh! *runs away screaming*

I know Atomic was on last night, but that 80s thing just doesn't do it for me. Sorry.

Eventually we found some decent hardhouse, at the Mercury Lounge of all places. And yes, we invited the dj to Kiwiburn. And then we found segrada. That man has a lot of energy. He's quite a big man in that 'would probably be a linebacker if he was stupid enough' kind of way, right? So we're all going nuts on the dancefloor (Ever noticed how when you're dancing and enjoying yourself, people are drawn to you? And all the people start dancing near you? Like, you're having fun and going loose and it gives them permission to do it too?). Anyway, there's some jumping up and down going on.. and the music kept skipping. Hmm.. dodgy dj? Not at all. Turns out the enthusiastic jumping of larger persons was the culprit. We had to swap places. *giggle* I tried to make that cd skip, damnit! It was a matter of pride. Clearly I wasn't jumping high enough. Ah well. We ended up packing out the dancefloor anyway. Not bad considering it was only 3 WDC representatives. But they were three with plenty of energy and some, apparently, according to the folks that commented, "groovy moves."

Hear that guys? We have groovy moves! *huge smile* I particularly enjoyed the waltzing. ;-)

And, we ran into starlajo! And she recognised me! Which is good because I was focusing on the shiny, high-up things at that point and would have just blindly wandered on, so yay her. I like random runnings-into-people, it was good to see you Jo. When are you going to update? *hinthint* There were also furry (mmm fur!) hugs from fuvenusrs. I like that she wears fur. I like it a lot. *smile*

And the sun came up on us again. Which is probably a good thing, considering that for me yesterday involved shearing 50 sheep and dagging another 50 and then dancing and more dancing. pombagira lasted the distance too. My legs are singing to me a little today, and sooner or later you just have to stop and rest. Damnitall. Call it escapism or whatever else you like, I am happiest when my body hurts from having done a lot of exercise. Me after three days locked up in rooms at the conference = annoyingly bouncy and sarcastic with frustration. Also angry and emotional. Wondering if it's toxin buildup due to not sweating, or whether my metabolism that goes 300mph all the time, just has some kind of rebellion when the heartrate doesn't get increased regularly.

It may not get increased much today. Just saying.

Oh yeah, while I'm being egocentric, tell me what you think of me. *checks that egocentric isn't a choice*
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