tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

I am a sentimental fool

As you know, my life is very full, and lately I've been needing some mindless dronery on occasion.

I used to play this a lot, and be guilded and participate in raids and levelmania, and partying and all that stuff. Now, I do it because I need alone time. So I log a random character and solo around till I've had enough for the next week. It's non-demanding fun that entertains and doesn't turn your brain to mush like TV would.

One of the quests I did tonight was on the premise of a guy whose lover had been possessed by demons and was wandering around being all undead and such (anyone who's played will know that a lot of this goes on). Anyway, Bearded Elf Guy wanted his girlfriend's soul to be released from its torture but he could't bring himself to do it, so naturally it became my job. I duly tracked down the offending lady and laid her to rest, then reported back for my reward.

What I wasn't expecting was for the newly-released soul to pop up and for there to be an incredibly touching farewell scene between her and her living lover who couldn't join her in the beyond. It actually made me cry.

Yes, I blubbed over imaginary, blatantly cartoon characters in a game.

Then, when I got sick of playing, I hied my wee gnome warlock (Pinko) to a tavern and laid him down to sleep. And the way he lays down on his back reminded me of someone I used to play with years ago and their little gnome warlock and I cried again.


Please shoot me now. I am turning to an indiscriminate big softie and I have no idea why.

PS I really hope this wind doesn't lift any more tiles off the roof because there's rain coming. Rhiannon's metalwork says so, and my spidey sense agrees.
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