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Finally remembered..

For Jonathan, and any other Americans who might have wondered, at some point in their life, what those crazy kiwis were on about:

I could not find these in LA. Where values of LA include the garment district, which is where I went looking for weather-appropriate clothing with lifeofreilly and found lots of Cool Stuff and was blown away by the selection and the price and the people and the Everything, but completely failed to find roman sandals.

And, from the Reasons Why Some People Shouldn't Drink File:

From Gurner of the Month.

What? Huh? Inane and immature? Hey, you watch Coro St, or play Tetris, or read self help books. I read forums with photos of people pulling silly faces, STFU.

OK, now I've made your eyes hurt, your usual programming will resume.

A question for the textophiles: What does it mean when you get a text and the little envelope has whooshy symbols like wind next to it? I would assume it's a forward, but when you go back to your inbox, it sits there being all unopened-looking. What's the deal with those?

Yes yes, I know, call myself a geek, blah blah blah, ignorant of text stuff, etc etc, I shall now go prepare my sackcloth and ashes and my small but impressive self flagellator, and so on and so forth.

Ow. I just cut myself in a really silly way, by using scissors as a knife. My blood is impressively healthy looking, and I suspect my typing speed just dropped about 30 words a minute. However, The Dress will be finished for the weekend. Next project? Gloves. For spinning with. All you folks who are rushing out to buy those super-trendy-but-soon-to-be-passe skeleton gloves, eat your heart out. Just saying.

Lalala. I detect a small note of aggression in this post. See? Let the English smell blood and see what happens.. even if it's their own.

You know how I said I felt like I should do something? Not someone, something? Well, I did. So now, the Thing That Was Going To Happen, is free to happen. And I can feel it starting. *skips*

Bring it on, I say.

[EDIT] When emails attack! Last night, I sent an email to someone basically saying "Hey, I'm planning to wear *this dress* to *this event* but I know you have *this other very similar dress* and thought I'd run it by you before deciding, because, you know, that whole OMG We're Wearing The Same Dress! thing, ok?"

The reply came back, "Of course I don't mind if we wear the same dress, m'dear, but what is *event*?" Love, *large bearded male friend*. Oops! Next time when the oh-so-helpful list of contacts comes up, actually look before you click, Tats. Words to live by..

[ANOTHER EDIT] Dumb stupid gmail. I am getting comment notifications and mailing list emails from yesterday. I am also getting stuff turning up in sentmail and spam that should go to my inbox. No I haven't changed any settings. Is this just me or are other people having issues as well? *kicks gmail*
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