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More protein! Now, damnit!

Okay, so I slipped and fell on the wet outside stairs on Saturday night on my way out (please note: not on my way home). My body is sore all up the left hand side and I have some impressive bruises. Also, best breakfall ever. *nods* Could've been a tailbone or a neck. Anyway, so my body is healing.

Okay, so I spent 8 hours dancing (not all of it actually dancing but quite a large proportion of it) on Saturday night. My body is recovering from that. Amazingly I'm not sore.

Okay, so after three hours' sleep I got up and went walking around some hills in the hot sun. More hammering ftw!

Is it these three things that have suddenly made me be hungry all the time? I even ate breakfast. I't 9.40am and I'm hungry. Weird.

I seem to have got a handle on the water thing. Sipping enough to avoid drymouth and remain hydrated, without ending up spending half the morning running back and forth to the bathroom. See that? Back there? That's the TMI line.

And, quote of the weekend: "If it weren't for the buckets all over the floor and the gaping hole in the ceiling, you wouldn't know anything had happened."

Oh, and the miasma in the upstairs lounge created by the combination of fan heaters drying out the carpet and 80-odd years of ceiling stuff being exposed to the air. Yay for having a breezy house where you can leave windows open without getting burgled.
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