tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

In which WD(aaf)C bomb Curve, create shiny, and generally have fun.

So, um, last night was the second outing of the Wellington Dance (and adult filth) Collective. 9 of us this time, and again we arrived early and owned the dancefloor. This time a few more of us went for fabulous, and we were approached individually and as a group by djs, bar staff and patrons alike, mostly saying things like "How cool!" "What a good idea!" and from the djs - "Awesome! You got everyone dancing!"

Also, dancing people get thirsty and buy drinks, unless they are me. So we're doing the bar a favour. Anyway, suffice to say that WD(aaf)C is getting a name for itself already, and most people are receiving it really well. Also, we're having a lot of fun.


First, here is a picture of what Polly looks like when she has V and Turkish coffee within an hour of each other. She contributed very much to the shininess. We ran out of glowsticks within half an hour of arrival, so next time I'll take 100. 50 isn't enough to do all of us, and everyone else.

You may notice, as you go through these, that this is the same tiara I wore a couple of weeks ago, and it's become a WD(aaf)C prop, along with the red hat. Hmm. We need some glow toys.

This lady is gorgeous. We all know that. But, she's also the only person I know who can pull off inch long purple fake eyelashes, and silver sparkly eye corner thingies.

Wave your hands in the air...

Wave 'em like you just don't care...

Preferably while you're grinning like a loon....

... or just pulling faces.

How come fuvenusrs gets all the boys, huh?

And then, well, for those that know me, I often turn into a cuddle-slut without warning.

We made an allyn sandwich! He doesn't seem to mind..

And finally, if you've bothered scrolling this far - a contest, of sorts:

A caption contest, in fact. Or, if you can't come up with a caption, tell me what fuvenusrs is thinking.

Oh. I thought it was finally, but apparently not. There's this:

This is me looking decidedly unimpressed at being woken at 11:15 by a text, after a total of three hours' sleep, and being unable to go back to sleep for thinking about how I have to get up soon and go run up hills in the hot sun with Happy. Yes, those are purple pyjamas with sheep on them. Yes, they have little flowers on the end of their noses. I am not ashamed.

Also, being celibate has its advantages. I would not want to see the reaction most people would have on waking up to the above.

I made it on time to Happy's, and through the dog sharing exercise walk with First, possibly aided by the application of stimulants in the form of caffeine.

What a beautiful day.

*goes for another 5-htp*

Oh, and - I got Pequire's phone number. *squee*
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