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New and interesting methods of entertaining oneself

So maybe you feel like taking up a sport, and want something a little different.. Tired of rugby, basketball and cricket on TV?

Like snorkelling? Try this.

Or, for the fish lover.

Bait? Who needs it anyway?

Married and strong? What about wife-carrying?

Concrete canoeing.

For the fit dairy lover - cheese chasing.

Extreme unicycling.

And don't try this one at home... if at all.. the ultimate Darwin sport.

Extreme sauna.
NZ's own - gumboot throwing!!
Frisbee golf.
Sepak tacraw - feet-only volleyball.
Speed golf.
Elephant polo.
Bog biking.
Nude motorcycling.
Unicycle jousting.
Tractor square dancing.
Extreme ironing.
Sheep's back to jersey in five hours? Eeew!
Wheee! Zorbing!
Whitewater sledging.
Ultimate frisbee.
Hog calling.
Dogsled racing.
Waiter racing.
Cow tipping.
Oyster shucking. (Yes, shucking!)

Hee hee!
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