tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Of mice, plans and bondage pants

I turned my alarm off in my sleep again this morning.

My brain feels like a maze with all these different mice running round in it and they keep running in to each other and swapping ideas, then breeding more mice till my brain is overrun with mice and can't hold any more. Then I have to sleep extra to make up for all the energy the mice are using up with their running and breeding.

Uh, yeah. But surprisingly, that's what it feels like at the moment.. so many things to keep track of in my head. Kiwiburn, shearing, dance collective, waking up on an almost daily basis as a different person from the one I was yesterday (oh yeah, that's entertaining), EL wire repairs, work (gets about 5% of brain), plus all the other stuff that goes on - fleeting whimsies, stabs of attraction, dalliances with fantasy, daydreams, odd ideas, blog posts, a sudden and inspired desire to drop everything and go walkabout round the world.. oh, and what's for lunch?

Strange mice my brain is breeding at the moment. *nods*

However, the Kiwiburn mice seem to be developing into a cohesive unit. They are all moving towards each other and soon they will be a team that will then come spilling out in a logical and sensible order which will ensure that our event Goes Off Beautifully (and possibly take over the world as well - isn't that what well-organised teams do?). Once that happens, there may be some space in my brain for more fleeting whimsy.

Also, I seem to be discovering a talent for the anal details-oriented side of organising events. WTF? It did occur to me that if this goes off as well as it looks like it's going to, it's going to look damn good on my CV for if I decide to change direction (who me? change direction? the staid, reliable florist/shearer/freezing worker/youth tutor/qualifications developer/clubwear designer/event planner that never does anything new and different? nah) in the future. *big happy smile*

Also, there's a bondage party tonight. I have bondage pants, but they are sacred for dancing and do not go to parties. Which is a shame in a way because one day I'd like to strap myself to allyn's bondage pants and see if we can function as a unit. I do, however, have 50m of bright pink climbing rope. I'm wondering if googling "Japanese rope bondage" at work is perhaps not a good idea.

At some point I should update on the experimentation. But not today. Today's brain surge is about organising sheep farmers into tidy little rows. Boris is once again in working order. Am I? That will be determined tomorrow, I guess, now the sun's come out. Once the sheep farmers are in their rows and have been told to sit and stay, I'll talk to some bureaucrats for Fun and Entertainment.

And then I might just drop everything and go walking round the world with a hot boy. ;-)
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