tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Yay! It's Monday! (never thought I'd say that)

My little finger hurts. Along with the rest of me. I feel like I should get a massage but a) I'm not sure massage is good for this kind of sore (excess lactic acid) and b) even gentle massage is going to hurt like hell. I'm pretty sure the dancing assuaged a lot of what I would've felt, especially in legs and shoulders, but I'm still pretty stiff. There is basically nothing you can do to get fit for shearing except shearing, and apart from this time of year I don't do enough of it to maintain that fitness to a point where doing 25 x 70+kg sheep won't hurt me.

Reminder to Wellingtonians - Guy Fawkes is over. I love the fireworks and really enjoyed the display on Saturday night, but the home variety being let off last night at the house next door kept me awake (in bed by 9.30 here) and freaked out our dogs. First only shakes, Zen pants and slobbers. Poor little bloke. I think it's mainly the whistling ones, those must hurt their ears something chronic. Also, the smell of burning.

As an aside, I used to have a horse that would run up to the fence and stand watching the fireworks. Not all animals are afraid of them. But when it's 20m away and they can't escape and the whistling is hurting my ears, it can't be a good thing for a dog.

Does anyone who reads this have a bit of not-in-your-house space where I can store some wool? I lost my storage space recently due to folks moving house, and although some farmers are happy to keep it at their place till I get enough to make a trailer-load to go over to the Wairarapa, others aren't and at the moment my car is full of smelly wool. This is sub-optimal as a storage place, as it means, well - my car is full of smelly wool. If you can help me out or have some suggestions, please let me know.

I just realised it's only three months till my Mum retires and moves into the house that we bought last year. I'm very excited about having Mum nearby again (I miss her regularly), and also for her. She'll finally be in a place where she can indulge her social curiosity and actually -do- things. And the setup we've arranged means she'll have the money to get out and about at will, possibly for the first time in her life. This makes me go Squee! She's a wonderful lady and watching her life expand is going to make me very very happy. *smiles at Mum*

The other side of that is that I'm going to have to start paying half a mortgage, as it won't be getting covered by a tenant any more. This may require some financial juggling and the pulling in of my head regarding spending on frivolous things. We shall see. Financial juggling is a genetic trait that runs in my family - we're born knowing how to do it. Also, because I don't think about the house much, when the time comes around for the next transfer of capital it's always an exciting surprise. I now have $27,000 equity in a solid asset (probably a bit more if you count what I've the tenant has paid on the mortgage. This may seem like peanuts to some people but for me, it's huge. My assets outweigh my debts by quite a lot, and for the first time in my life I have something of actual, real-world value (by this I mean the kind of thing that the anal-retentive boffins in banks count as value, not things like life experience and happiness).

It's a weird but good feeling.

Hehe, today, work is seeming very much like the relaxing alternative to my life. Sitting, only my fingers and brain moving. Eees goot.

I met another person from Amsterdam on Saturday. She was as lovely as the couple from last weekend. She said not everyone there is like that, but the travelling ones usually are. I also met a man called Zim from Serbia. Never met anyone from Serbia before. The environment wasn't really conducive to conversation, but I'm starting to think the dance scene in Wellington is made up mainly of foreigners. What's with that?
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