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What do you mean "I Want More?"

Today is a no-stockings day. There has been one previous no-stockings day but I think I was being a bit optimistic then. Now, it's warm enough and the lovely sunshine has brought out the polka-dots in me. In the words of the immortal Maxi Jazz (who isn't really immortal but should be, if only so he can stay alive long enough to play Anansi when they make the movie of American Gods):

There's a reason why my head is cut off. It's so you can't see that today my hair looks like the kind of birds nest that's been rented out to crackwhore cuckoos. Yes, it's ok for me to admit that, as long as you can't see it. ;-)

For your entertainment today, an article that was published on Stuff a while ago (with a few of the words changed courtesy of PsyMike):

"Beverages containing the ingredient Ethanol (Alcohol, EtOH) can cause people to act like assholes and kill themselves and/or others, and so people should stay away from them altogether, the New Zealand Medical Association says.

People with a history of psychiatric illness in particular should avoid drinking the beverages.

The legal status of beverages containing EtOH, originally developed as a preservative to extend the shelf life of beverages in BC times, should be under question, and the association recommended in a statement today people should not take them.

Patients with adverse effects had taken an average of 750ml of the 40% pure variety, with the street name "Vodka". Symptoms included irregular respiration, cyanosis, nausea, vomiting and a lack of response to stimuli.

Dr Boswell said if people insist on drinking the beverages, they should make sure they stick to the manufacturer's recommended dose of 5 standard drinks over a few hours."

(this in response to the reports of people being hospitalised after taking stupid amounts of class D substances and the continual reference to their original development as a cattle drench)

Cellphone etiquette. We all know you should turn your phone off in the movies, on a marae and during someone's wedding speech. But what about on a date? I remember dating a guy once, and he turned up to the first date talking on his cellphone. I don't know what Miss Manners says about this (feel free to fill me in), but I would tend to finish my call before approaching my date. He didn't. I felt very secondary. He also indulged in a text conversation with someone while in my company. I continued to see him, but the texting other people while with me never stopped. It did, in the end, turn out to be an indication of a certain lack of consideration/thoughtlessness/understanding of other people's feelings. Small things, and not always, but enough to be noticeable when on the receiving end. Unfortunately, in a situation like that if you say something, it makes you seem like an attention-seeking, self-centred nag. ;-/

Thing is, when I'm having a conversation with someone, I'm talking with them. I consider holding a conversation with someone else by text when in someone's company to be the height of rudeness. It's not that I think I'm way more important than whoever's on the other end of the texting, but breaking conversation with me in order to text someone (once is ok, it's those repeated ones that annoy me) puts me in the position of being way less important, and that's when I start thinking "But I'm here, right in front of you. Is that how little you consider my feelings? Am I here to fill in a gap for you?" etc.

So where is the line? Some people have to keep their phones on for work - I get that. But even then, if you're having to focus on work, why did you ask to hang out with me? Why are you not at work? If you want to talk to someone else, go talk to them. Don't keep me hanging around while you socialise by text with someone else. Common courtesy. Or am I wrong?

(this short rant brought to you by frustration at twiddling my thumbs while someone who asked to see me spent most of the time on their cellphone. suffice to say that i am about to suddenly get really busy)
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