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Carve your name into my arm, instead of stressed I lie here charmed

There will be climbing tonight at Fergs, 6pm. I may have to take off early for The Great Burger Hunt, however, dedicated bunch that you are, carrying on without me shouldn't be a problem.

This is what's known in pet owning circles as a 'tug-toy'. *cue snorts and chuckles from the cheap seats* It's not First's, it's Zen's (First being far too dumb cool to play with tug-toys), but she was the one that felt the need to investigate further while I had a camera in my hand.

The last tug-toy died a heroic death a while ago. It was made of twisted up string in multiple bright colours. As you can see, there's been some advancement in tug-toy technology lately. We now have sausages with faces. The faces are individually painted, and it would seem that there's Sleepy, Happy, Doc and Sleazy. What I'd like to know is where the other three went. Hmm? And why do these guys look so happy when they're about to get dismembered for the entertainment of a small brown stripey dog?

I also wonder about the people who make these things. There must be somebody who, when asked what they do for a living, has to say "I paint faces on plastic sausages for dogs to play with." Only they probably don't. They probably say they're an accountant or an artist or something. Or that they're really an actor researching a part.

And, good news! I'm listening to Placebo again!

(OK, so I'm hearing a bunch of people saying "Why is it good news that you're listening to that whiney little git squawk on about how his life is miserable and he's stuck in a no-win situation oh and he takes drugs a lot and btw he doesn't really look good as a man or as a woman so wtf is up with that?")

Actually, you're probably not. You're probably going "Oh, that's nice, la la la what's for breakfast?" But anyway, it's good news, because I only listen to Placebo when I'm happy. Any other time it makes me want to slash my wrists so I avoid it. If I'm listening to Placebo, by choice, it's a sign that things are well with my world, on a deep level.

And, I'm getting used to my hair. As usual, I started off being not too sure about it (it's never been this short before) but this morning I decided I like it. Funny, when it's a good cut that's going to last, I always feel odd about it to start with. If I like it straight away, in 6 weeks I probably won't. Call it Tats Rule Of Haircuts. Works for me..

Oh, and there's this art thing. Um, how's it go? Leave a comment and I'll make a piece of art personally for you. Something like that, anyway. There was a reposting thing, but let's not and say we didn't, mmk?
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