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It's Aht, dahling! *air kiss*

Instalment the Second..

This isn't really art, it's a shot of the bikes on the back of the PHUGE RV I hitched a ride up in, which was so big it required a video camera for rear view instead of a mirror.

Well, I thought it was arty, anyway..

This is Miracle Glow, the huge flower (I'm talking 20m high here) mounted on a cherry-picker that wowed everyone last year:

The story I heard goes that the 2005 Black Rock Arts Foundation would not fund the guys that built this thing, so they made it anyway at cost of $25,000 to themselves. It was one of the most popular pieces on the playa, so this year the BRAF coughed up happily. The artists took the theme of Hope and Fear and ran with it - they produced another, a venus flytrap to represent the fear. These two giant glowing plants drove around the desert from Wednesday onwards, culminating on the burn nights in a dance between them. There was a static trapeze hung below the flytrap on which people were performing aerials. Magic!

As an aside, the 'ORI' is part of a mobile nightclub called 'Disorient.' The 'DIS' and the "ENT' are parked at their camp on the Esplanade, and 'ORI' drives around to different parts of the playa and parks up somewhere for partying. Of course, the fact that it moves disorients people. I love the concept, and apparently these guys are the longest-running sound-camp on the playa. I <3 Disorient.

Some random art that needs no explanation:

In the background of this one you can see the Cathedral that allyn and rivet were part of building. It's an incredible achievement and I regret not getting a photo of it at night. However, allyn has posted some beautiful shots of it and it may end up in Golden Gate park for the public enjoyment thereof.

And at night..

This started with just the hands, one curled and gentle, one clawed and scary (hope and fear), and gradually through the week string was wound around and through them to form a giant cat's cradle that people could climb on. I found it kind of disturbing because it looked like a giant spider web, but the concept blows me away.

OK this isn't an arty shot really, but I like it because we both look quite buff in it, and hell, we're wearing BRIGHT GREEN FUR!!!

This is a harpy/mermaid/dragon kite, and is linked to the above photo in that while running across the desert trying to catch the guy so I could photograph his kite, I lost my pants. Note to self - fun fur grows with use. *sheepish grin*

This one bacame known amongst the rangers as The Hippy Impaler, since it was eminently climbable and had spikes. It also contained a climbing rope and a static hoop for performing circus tricks with a greater or lesser degree of skill. This thing (and Cirque Berserk) made me wish that happyinmotion and tieke were there more than anything else. FYI, Cirque Berserk was a sponsored camp of circus performers that went 24/7. Impressive.

These, as you walked past, gave the impression that the doors were opening and closing. I like the way The Man ended up being seen through one of the open doors.

Well, what would you do with a large pyramid? Huh?

This was called the Serpent Mother. The head was operated by remote control and could move around and open and close its jaws. There were buttons along the length of it that could be pushed by anyone, that controlled jets of flame which would shoot up from the spine. Can we say OMG pyromaniac's wet dream?

My *cough* contribution to playa art. *cough*

This isn't exactly art (although the tree in the foreground is cool), but it deserves to be in here because it's such a part of the whole experience. This tornado was the biggest that went through, and it swept across the playa, hung over the Man for a while, swirling around him and giving glimpses through the dust, then moved across to the 3 o'clock plaza and wrecked it. I believe this was also the one that ripped the shade structure clean off lifeofreilly's RV. kimeros and beagl were caught in this, and when they returned, they were white all over. yay for first-time playa people getting the total-immersion experience!

These things were attached to bikes, and there were about 12 of them riding around in formation. The bulbs would bounce and sway as they rode along and created a "WTF?" mobile piece of art that was one of my favourites. We caught them doing a form of quadrille out in the deep playa, and had a chat with them. They were having a great time messing with people's heads and to me they epitomised the good stuff about BRC - happy fun times with pretty lights!

Message to the future 1
Message to the future 2
I linked to these instead of displaying them, because they are huge and had to be big enough to read. This was a wall where people could write their own message to the future.

And finally, nothing to do with BRC but something I found in a shop in Brisbane:

So there you have it. This isn't even a quarter of what was on offer. If any of you burners would like to add photos of cool things I missed, please comment with the pic. That would rock. Also, I'm still not really up on the clickable-ness of the photos because these are directly uploaded to my site, not through a gallery. The gallery will come when the filing is all sorted into categories. Till then, if anyone wants to see larger versions of the pics (I'm very aware of other people's bandwidth speeds and slow-load issues), please let me know which ones and I'll email them to you directly, K?

In other news, yay climbing! I did a 23! Well, sort of. I can't really claim the climb, because it was in a dark corner and there were two similarly-coloured routes side-by-side so I'm not positive that I used only the correct holds on the bottom half of the climb. But after they split, it was all me baby. Etc etc gloat wheee!

And yesterday I saw lots of people and it was very cool to see friendly familiar faces about the streets of this town I love. Just sayin'.
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