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Serious? Me? Nah.

Yay! Sunshine!

Horoscope for this week (Taurus): "The UK is populated by hordes of "overweight, alco-pop-swilling, sex-and-celebrity-obsessed television addicts," according to the travel book *Rough Guide to England.* I recommend, therefore, that you avoid traveling to that part of the world if you're a sensitive person who's susceptible to taking on the attitudes of the people around you. The astrological omens suggest that you should take stringent measures to exorcise any impulses you might have to indulge in excessive consumption of bad food, numbing intoxicants, superficial sex, dumbed-down entertainment, and mindless gossip about famous lightweights. For that matter, you should be ruthless in sealing yourself off from influences that tend to bring out the worst and the mediocre parts of you."

Hahahaha! No bad food? No intoxicants (numbing or otherwise)? Oh noes! As for the superficial sex, dumbed-down entertainment and mindless gossip about celebrities famous lightweights, well, those are the realms of other people and have never been mine. I'm not about to start now. In fact, if I look at it, this whole horoscope seems to me like it's somebody else's. Which is odd, because Rob's usually a bit closer to the mark than this.

Now the thing about horoscopes, apart from the obvious part that there's no logical reason for it to work, is that a sun sign only makes up 1/12 of what a full astrological chart would say about a person. *nods sagely* My Mum, who was into this when I was a kid, reckons that the moon, being much much closer and moving much much faster through the zodiac, is way more likely to have an influence on one's day to day life (think tides, etc). I happen to know where my moon is. So, let's have a look at that:

(Pisces): "Anger or bitterness toward those who have hurt you will block your path to higher ground," said inspirational author Vernon Howard. "You can have anger toward people or you can have freedom from people, but you can't have both." I suggest you make that one of your guiding thoughts in the coming week, Pisces. An undreamed-of burst of liberation is now possible for you if you compel yourself to experiment with radical generosity on the wild frontiers of forgiveness."

*blinks* Yep, that's a bit closer. Uncomfortably so, really. I do have a bit of forgiving to do for various things. And that bit about anger at vs freedom from? Hell yes. Weird thing about that. If you're angry at someone, and they stay around and try to sort it then and there, it usually makes it worse. I remember this from back in the days of my 5-year relationship with Dave. We'd have an argument, and I'd always want to get it sorted straight away, you know.. "Never go to bed on an argument" and all that. However, when emotions are running high and frustration and resentment are to the fore, it's hardly optimum conditions for solving disagreements, no? So he'd say "No, don't want to do this now," and go for a walk. I'd sit and fume, he'd walk and fume, and when he came back we'd both have calmed down enough to act like rational people again. Dave was older than me, and wiser in a lot of ways. I learned a lot from him.

So Rob's saying that you can have anger or freedom, and that forgiveness leads to freedom. And he's right. But I'd add to that, that in order to reduce the anger to the point where forgiveness is possible, you have to have a certain amount of freedom from the cause of your anger. If you poke the bear with a stick, it growls. If you go away it'll stop. If you keep poking it, it'll get madder and possibly bite you. Inane metaphor, but accurate I think.

Here's my version: You can have anger at people or you can have freedom from people but you can't have both. If you're angry at someone, gain freedom from their influence, in which to dissolve your anger, and forgiveness will follow. An undreamed-of burst of liberation is now possible.


So that's my deep and oh-so-profound thought for the day. The cool thing about Rob Brezsny is that even if his horoscopes are just horoscopes and you don't buy astrology, the way he says things compels you to think. And that's got to be good for you, even if you don't meet a tall dark handsome stranger every two weeks. Also, his articles are interesting.

And, now for those who are yawning and going "FFS Tats, astrology? What are you doing, scraping the bottom of the barrel?" - Have this:

(and about 6kg)
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