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On 'matters arising'.. *wiggles eyebrows*

For those who are interested in hearing about such things, there will be climbing tonight at Fergs, 6pm till arm-failure. Size of group doesn't matter, we did fine with an odd number last time so come join us! It won't be like this:

(unless you want it to be)

Yesterday I made a post about a spam email I got that promised me 'supernatural intimate size' if I visited their website. Needless to say I didn't. I don't need anymore supernatural anything in my life, thanks. But that isn't what this is about.

The post sparked off a bunch of comments about various ribald subjects, and included in this was a whole heap of innuendo. I have some friends who are masters at it. And the funny thing, the thing that makes me feel a bit brain-damaged, is that in most cases, I didn't get it until I went back and read it a second time. What's with that? I'm definitely not stupid. I have a pretty good grasp of English, and my mind is as filthy as the next person (possibly filthier, but I'm not about to qualify that with examples). And yet, yet... my innuendometer appears to be faulty. Much of that stuff goes right over my head, until either someone else responds or I go back to it a second time and go "OOOOOHH! Now I get it!"


Maybe I've just spent a lifetime ignoring it. Maybe I'm just a bit dense. I even made a comment myself that was full of innuendo, only I didn't realise that until someone else pointed it out.

Note to self: Do something about this. I feel like I'm missing a slice of life by being obtuse. But, how on earth does one practice such a skill?


In other news, today I'm wearing the long brown corduroy skirt I scored in the clothes swap (yay for teeny tiny friends, I say). I look like a schoolteacher from Brokeback Mountain, but my legs are warm! *hugs corduroy* Nothing, not even a blasting SE wind, gets through. Awesome.

And, I'm suffering the same dilemma as rivet. What on earth do you pack when you have possibly 15kg of space, and you'll be travelling through temperatures ranging from around 8 degrees through to 50 degrees?
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