tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

And the sun drips down bedding heavy behind, the front of your dress all shadowy lined..

OMG I found a Powderfinger version of The Chauffeur! This makes me inordinately happy. Maybe there is something to be said for the 80s revival after all.

*ahem* x200!

*insane shiny thing dance*

Also, Kid Koala tried to kill my gizmo, the corrupt little MoFo. I formatted his ass. Nyah! (Actually grist tells me it was pure blind luck that I didn't completely wipe the whole drive, including the OS, but oh well. I win anyway!) Now I have my full 6G back. So Ners.

This month has been one of contacts from old friends and random people. I don't know why this is happening, but I seem to have met a whole bunch of new people and also at least three people have popped up out of my past in the last month (good people, not the ones i'd prefer to avoid). Also, I'm very much looking forward to travelling alone. To start with it freaked me out, but now I have realised that it means I can do whatever the fuck I want, whenever I want, see who I want, and, very importantly, force me to be more outgoing than I would perhaps be if I had a travel buddy. And I think all this will contribute to me having the time of my life (hopefully this will not include being arrested, which a guidance counsellor when i was at school told me would be one of life's great experiences)..

Finally, today someone told me I look cute. This is a word people don't often use to describe me, therefore my happiness response to the compliment has Extra Power. Yay! (it's the checked skirt, for sure. i now prefer skirts to pants. well golly)

[EDIT] My friend who is 'in the know' suggested that if you're changing Kiwis for $US, now's the time, as it probably won't go past 0.62 before dropping. I'm doing mine today.
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