tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

The angsty people at work today can just STFU, I'm going to be happy anyway.

OK, so who really does know everything, Google or Wikipedia?

You decide.

Last night I ate the first 5-course meal of my life, ever. It was Mexican and phenomenally delicious. The best bit was that because of the multi-courseness of it, each serving was small and it encouraged eating slowly and savouring. Mmmmm savouring.. also, it was vegetarian Mexican, and totally tasty. I particularly like savouring quesadilla..

(segrada has scales in his bathroom. Out of interest I weighed myself before the meal - 54kg. After the meal - 57.8kg. *huge grin*)

My stomach muscles today may be sore due to excessive laughter fuelled by the mental picture of Speedos as 'Budgie Smugglers." Amongst other things. Great company, great food. Sean and Mariana are gracious and entertaining hosts, and tequila is more than adequate as a grease for the wheels of conversation.

I am having problems getting music onto my gizmo. Last night I downloaded (legally) 160MB of Pendulum, and (so I thought) transferred it to the player via the usual method, which usually works and involves copy/paste from Sounds directory on pc, directly onto the player. This morning I gleefully turned it on in anticipation of Pendulum goodness. Not there. GRRR! Why not? I have no idea. Colour me unimpressed.

Finally, I have it on good authority that yes, that monkey did go to Newtown. Yep.

Oh yeah. One other thing. Why is it that people look at the propaganda distributed by the folks in the Middle East and go "Tut tut, that's messing with people's minds and it's terribly wrong and all" - yet refuse to acknowledge that maybe their own government is doing the same thing to them?
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