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Where's my eye candy?

Makes me wish my hearing were better. (Yoinked from wafwot)

And, the Middle East wins at imaginative names for needless violence:

Israel occupies Gaza, destroying infrastructure - Operation Summer Rains.
Lebanon retaliates - Operation Truthful Promise.
Israel bombs roads, bridges, power stations, fuel depots, ports and airports in Lebanon - Operation Just Reward.

(Personally, I think they got these names from fireworks packets. *nods*)

The other day I was on my way home on the bus, and instead of reading like I usually do, I was looking out the window at the people. People watching ranks pretty high on my list of Things To Do On The Bus - the trick is not to get snapped out, and if you do, smile brightly and brazen it out.

So anyway, I was looking out the window at the Friday afternoon people, and I noticed something about the men. Wellington seems to be full of good looking young men aged up to about 25. They are stunning! (OK this is a generalisation but we do seem to have a very high proportion of beautiful, happy looking young men. Even the Emo Boys look happy).

Then I started looking for good looking men over 30 to perv at observe, and you know what? They are very thin on the ground. Yeah, there were a few, but the majority of men in this age group were wearing unhappy looks on their faces, and there was a distinct 'I Don't Care' look about them - not caring about appearance and grooming, not caring about what's going on around them (head down, earbuds in, closed to the world), not caring where they are going (slow walking, round shoulders).. I was gobsmacked. I may be putting my own interpretation on this, but the bottom line is that while we seem to have an excessive number of good looking guys under 25, we seem to also have a sad shortage of good looking guys over 30.*

So, why? What happened to the generation of men that were teenagers in the 80s that there are now so few truly good looking ones around? Some theories postulated by people I've mentioned this to include having had their traditional roles taken away and replaced with nothing (blame feminism), or getting married (blame life and responsibility). I don't know, I really don't.

I did like the comment from a young man I asked about this though: "Well, what's wrong with going for men under 25?" To which I replied "I'd break them." His response? "That sounds like fun."


* Present company excepted, of course..
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