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Bit of culture... n stuff

I've been to two live theatre shows in the last two weeks.. not bad going for a self-confessed pleb. Last week was Happy Hour for Miserable Children after nachos and grists yummy chili with thomas and kim. That was a combination of mime and clowning, and highly entertaining. I also met a couple of other livejournallers there, which was cool.

Tonight was Cookin' with a bunch of workmates, a blend of percussion, dance and that slapstick that Asians do so well. At one point they had people from the audience on stage, got them going on the percussion, then took off and left them to it. That was kinda cool. In fact, considering I'm not a big fan of live theatre, these two shows have gone a long way to encouraging me to give it another go. Next one lined up - the ballet. Yup, that's right.. farmer girl gets civilised!

In other news, yesterday someone completely inappropriate gave me chocolate. I was flattered and ate it anyway. Shameless, me.

And I can still climb, even after a huge break to allow various injuries to heal.

And, I'm all for grist using the spark-plug-in-the-petrol-tank trick on his next motorcycle, so anyone who tries to steal it will get their balls blown off and thus be easily identified so we can torture them some more. Wankers!

Ah, life is good.... ;-)
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