tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Pulling a don't-want-to-get-sickie

This morning I took one look out the window and emailed my work - "I have too good a sense of self-preservation to be standing at an unsheltered bus stop in this weather. Please send me the *** files and I'll be working from home today. Cheers!"


And it worked. They did. So here I am, in comfortable clothes, with dog, heater, coffee,*cough*2marshallampsandasubwoofer*cough* and approximately 100G of music on tap.

And I'm actually working. This makes me ponder things, oh yes it does.

Also Yah Boo Sucks to Microsoft and their stupid updatey downloady thing. Just cause.

By the way - storms from up here with a picture window overlooking the harbour? Awesome. Not that you can see the harbour at the moment. But yeah, this weather is alive.

The colours

The patterns on the water when the ferry comes in

The misty mornings on Lambton Quay with the lamps still going

The sunrises

The storms (this is today)

The hot baristas

Things I'm not so sure about:

Can someone please explain to me why anybody would want to dress in tractor labels? I know, the model resembles Britney Spears so I can only assume they're going for the trailer trash look. But WTF? They haven't even gone through the 90210 look yet - the world is not ready for Grunge Round 2! Don't do it!

(actually, I think probably there was a load of these left over from the Fieldays and Hallensteins bought them up cheap and now they want to start a trend to get rid of them)

I bet the farmers are laughing their heads off.
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