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It's too Monday for this!

Overheard in the ladies this morning; Two women discussing the soccer.

Woman 1: If the game goes for 90 minutes and no goal is scored, it means the goal is too narrow. They should make it wider so it's easier to score and the games don't go so long.

Woman 2: ...

But I have So Many Things for BM!! Nice things, skin-baring things, furry things! (and a lesson learned - look at what you are doing when snipping stitching or there will be blood!)

Funny how nobody argued with the 'pain teaches' part of last night's quote..

I also figured out how to oil my machine. It's easier than a car.

I have a crush on someone. Ooh! Yesterday I sent a text to someone else asking if he was 'involved' with anyone. I feel like such a teenager and am now going "WTF? Tats you wanton woman you!"

(i am also asking myself why i didn't just ask him)

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