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My gizmo is sick! Argh! I was in the supermarket listening to some new music and probably bopping like a loon, when suddenly there was this loud whine. At first I thought, "OK, part of the track." But then it didn't stop. "OK, corrupted file." So I pulled it out and went to skip to the next track. No response. I tried to lower the volume. No response. Tried to turn it off. No response. Bugger. I eventually pulled the jack on the headphones so at least I didn't have to hear it whining, went home and plugged it into my puter to try and switch it off that way. The computer didnt even recognise it. *sigh*

So, off to Dick Smiths today, luckily it's still under warranty. The display is fine except for the bit that shows track title which appears to be in some form of archaic Chinese, and it's siezed at 2.29. I'm assuming DS will fix it, but NO MUSIC! Wah! (and like a wally I left my phones at home so I can't even plug into my work puter for music).

Woe is me. Etc.

I was slightly disappointed with the hair in Tokyo Drift. The girls were everything you'd expect - clothes, hair makeup etc. But the boys were very plain. (And yes, it is all about the hair - at least for me it is). Also, I noticed that while the girls were in mini skirts of belt-like proportions and midi tops and maximum skin, the boys were all in long pants and jackets. I figure someone must have been uncomfortable but I couldn't tell who because the goosebumps were all photoshopped out.

Oh yeah, and there were cars n stuff too. ;-)

[EDIT] Jo fixed it. (ok she didn't, i did, but she told me how so that counts)
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