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I have a new icon because I'm all about the new stuff this week!

Normally I sleep naked. "*gasp* (not)" I hear you say. Chances are most of the people who read this sleep in the nude. It's just.. better. Anyway, so what's so earth-shattering about that? Last night, I slept:

Under a feather duvet
With the heater going full bore
Wearing a thermal top
And my fleecy pyjamas

This is nuts. Our house is insulated (OK I sleep on the south side but BRRR!!!) Yes, I was comfortable and toasty. But the moments between pjs and shower, and between shower and clothes, were torturous. And that's in my heated room. I think, personally, that if it's going to be that cold we should get some snow to show for it. Just sayin'.

Yesterday was a day of people telling me their troubles. They were too many and varied to list here (never mind that people's personal stuff is only mine to tell if they give permission), but, you know, variety is the spice of life n stuff. So anyway, by evening I was feeling a little cranky. I got invited to go watch City Of God, and I thought that would be kind of cool. My friend has a very sparky personality and is usually cheerful and vivacious. Last night she was in the throes of anger about something, and oh boy did I get to see the flipside.

You know yesterday I mentioned energy suckers? Well, she's got a HitachiSuckyMotor on her energy sucking. However, after going in non-stop rant mode for about an hour, she was feeling better and we chatted for a bit until she was back to being cheerful again. Then, I went *phew* since it was video watching time and all I wanted to do was stare at a screen and not think or feel.

My friend, on the other hand, was feeling good, and chatty. And she decided that since City OF God has subtitles, she couldn't be bothered with it. We watched something else (her house, her money paid for the movies, I couldn't be arsed disagreeing). It was Harold and Maud which I found to be slow if interesting. Unfortunately, my friend talked most of the way through it.

You know when you're doing something, and someone is talking to you, and they stop so you go back to doing what you're doing? And you've just picked up the thread of what you're doing when they talk again? Yeah. Rinse, repeat about 50 times. Suffice to say that by the end of the evening I wasn't any less cranky. *sigh* She's been there for me on many an occasion. She's awesome and I love her. I'm happy to listen to her. *smile*

So why did I feel so annoyed when she did that? Part of me's going "Because you're a self-centred ass" and part of me's going "No, you're a wimp because you didn't say anything".. then there's the part that's going "You rock! You listened to her and helped her and that's what good friends do."

I am very looking forward to having some quiet time this weekend, is the conclusion I eventually came to. *smile*

I am also looking forward to going to Bres-bin. I hear it's warm there but there are things in the sea that either poison you or eat you, so no swimming for me. Amazing how complacent you get about bitey things, living in New Zealand..
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