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No melanomas for me...

Finally! I just finished a commissioned portrait of thirteen people, after spending the -entire- day indoors, trying to meet a deadline (tomorrow). This happened because as usual I left it as long as possible before getting started and because I'd rather go climbing than sit still for hours.

Lesson: Spend your rainy afternoons climbing, and you shall spend your sunny days inside drawing (sigh).

On the bright side, I had an adventure in the bush yesterday out walking with grist, we got lost in Ngaio gorge - well, not exactly lost but definitely off the beaten track - in fact off -any- track. Lots of bush-bashing, and we found this cool little clearing with a wier that should be in a Japanese garden somewhere and would be perfect for a lazy afternoon with a beer or two. Lacking beer, we took note of the location (not that we knew where we were) for a later date.

It reminded me of being a kid, when even the local park would turn into Africa on the application of a little imagination. Awesome!
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