tatjna (tatjna) wrote,


*looks pointedly at weather*

So I snuck downstairs and took posey photos of myself in the parking garage (I mean, who wants to get snapped photographing themselves at work, eh?). I'm told that the seedier the background the better the model looks, so here's my attempt at being all arty. *snigger*

This is the posiest. Oh how it billows!

(I like billowing)

FYI: anyone who thinks you shouldn't wear red can kiss my shapely white ass.


18 August Wellington-Brisbane landing Brisbane 8.15am. Hanging out with tigerweave, guitarbear, pombagira and other likely folks will ensue.
22 August Brisbane-Taipei-SanFrancisco landing SF 7.30pm.
23-26 August mucking about in SF including Harbin hotsprings, theheretic and dragonvyxn.
Here's where it gets a bit murky, because who wants to be tied to a timetable?
Sometime at the end of August:
BURNING MAN!!!!!!!!!
Sometime at the beginning of September:
Drive to LA in RV O Doom, hang out with lifeofreilly for a few days.
8 September LA-Taipei-Brisbane, and a day in Brisbane for the hell of it.
11 September 12.10am land in Wellington.

(yes I find the landing date amusing)

Today is not a long overcoat day. Nor is it a blown-off-bike day or a hail day. I heard it snowed in Ngaio briefly yesterday afternoon. allyn, does that count as spectacular?

(one of my fantasies is to snowboard down ngaio gorge)

Also, there's a 90cm base at Whakapapa now. Just saying.

Final note: Enough with the grey and black pirate stripes already! I am tempted to dress as a ninja in protest.
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