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This is me with enough iron in my system (ie steak two days running)

"Hi Wendy, Your ticket is ready to be picked up, so whenever you are free pop by the branch.*"

This is me doing the Excited Ticket Dance of Happy Dancingness.

This is me thinking about the possiblility of there being a 3m snowbase by July.

This is me wearing my ankle length cashmere coat for the first time this winter (with short skirt and red tights!) and being warm and toasty as I lurk around corners all mafia-like.

THIS is good news from overseas, more Belgian food than you can shake a Schnapps stick at (made better by the people it was shared with), some profoundly accurate observations from a forthright friend who never fails to surprise me with his astuteness, perfectly timed wild weather, new music and headphone anticipation, all wrapped up in a yummy ball of goodness.

*itinerary to follow in due course for them that want to know.

I have now run out of ways of exaggerating "this".

[EDIT] Started thinking about that comment "never fails to surprise me" and then I thought "Hmm, never fails, therefore it should not be surprising that he surprises me.." and then my head went all splodey.
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