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Where's Dick Turpin when you need him?

This is not naked-dancing rain. This is the kind of dark rain that makes me think of Yorkshire moors and stone castles and fireplaces you can roast a steer in. (there may or may not be a bearskin rug in my vision). It also makes me think "Gosh I'll have to go check the sheep again." Despite the apparent nastiness of the weather, I like it and enjoyed my stilted dash to work. I think I'll start hassling the council for a bus shelter at my stop though.

Last night I got a text from Tommy going "I'm scared." "Why are you scared?" I texted back. The reply came: "Dad is fighting with *two stepbrothers* and I'm sitting outside on the hill. What should I do?"


I texted back "Where is *stepmother*?" No reply. Tried his cellphone. It was switched off. Tried his house - no reply. Then Mum called. Apparently he'd texted her too. She was thinking about going to his house but wasn't keen to face rampant Father on her own. So she called the police. About 15 mins later I got another text from Tommy - "I'm ok now, goodnight."


So the cops probably turned up at his house. I have no idea what they found there, and there has been no communication. It's all very strange. I wonder if it was Tommy making up stories, or if something actually happened. I wonder what kind of reaction there was to Tommy when the police turned up. I guess I'll find out in due course but it's a strange feeling having this dramatic stuff happening to/around someone you care about, and yet being so removed from the situation.

Awaiting developments and trying to avoid thinking about possibilities..

Today is about wheedling leave and booking flights. It's also about squelchy shoes and watching co-workers shake themselves like dogs. It may end up being about pizza and WoW.

(last night I updated all the patches and addons and such. my screen was completely unrecognisable. tonight I may be able to play)

Oh yeah, blow drying my hair this morning? Well, it looked nice for 10 minutes. ;-) Today I'm sporting the waif look. Curls O Doom ftw!

And, I just found out that there is a tool used in carpentry that's known as a Butt Gauge. O.O
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