tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Google is psychic (or too damn invasive, or something)

I'm not sure how I feel about that thing that appears at the top of gmail that suggests links according to your content. Especially when it gives me Catchhimandkeephim.com. (don't ask). And this morning there was a site where I could buy miniature Australian Sheepdogs after someone sent me this link.

Then this:

Quote from an unusual source:

"People always appreciate her gracious tendency to take people as they are, without quibbling. She's as much at home with a scientist who studies tsetse flies in the Congo as with the sword swallower in the side show. They're doing what comes naturally; they're not phonies and that's what counts with her. Her close friends may be weird creatures straight out of the world of Toulouse-Lautrec, or they may be Norman Rockwell paintings come to life.

But they will be real people, not stuffed shirts or statues. When she runs across someone she dislikes, she doesn't start a big campaign to destroy him or challenge his ideals and motives. She simply avoids him. This woman can show frigid indifference to her enemies, but if she counts you as a friend, she'll be loyal through all your ups and downs.

You can drive a Maxwell, climb a flag pole, get locked up in the pokey or wear daisies in your hair. You are her friend, and somehow she'll justify your actions. There's just a small catch here. She'll doggedly expect you to return her blind allegiance and unswerving loyalty. If you don't give her your complete devotion in return, she can sulk in the comer like a gloomy, gray cloud of repressed re­sentment.

She's strictly a physical creature. That will undoubtedly interest you, but to interest her, an object or an idea has to appeal to her finely tuned senses. She doesn't want to hear that it's "good for her," that "everybody else is doing it," or that it will "stimulate her mentally." That sort of persuasion will make her yawn. To respond with genuine excitement, she has to derive some sensual satisfaction from everything she does.

This woman is the one who complains that your sweater is "scratchy." It doesn't "feel nice." She can almost tell the color of a fabric by stroking it with their eyes closed. The materials she wears will be soft and luxurious to the touch, never irritating, and she'll probably dress with simplicity and taste. Her sensuous nature may not stretch to include fussy lingerie and dainty clothing.

As you get to know her better, you'll realize that this girl can be a tower of strength. She's seldom demanding, except in the area of loyalty, and her disposition is gen­erally even, down-to-earth and pleasant. People love her straightforward, easy-going manner-it's as relaxing as a warm bath."

This was written in the early '70s and I haven't read it for several years. It never fails to make me smile, especially given the original context.

Last night I watched 24 Hour Party People for the first time. It made me think of the shrine to Ian Curtis on Taranaki St, and how much a part of Wellington culture it's become. It doesn't matter how many times it's painted over or tagged, someone comes along and restores it. And, even though I'm not a fan of Joy Division, I like that it's there.

Today I start doing official stuff about Burning Man. Like, talking to the boss about taking three weeks off at the busiest time of the year. *gulp* Still no word on my payrise either. *fidgets*

Also, I'm listening to Sonic Animation, who I haven't listened to for years. I really like this lyric:

I'm a DJ - my head is up my ass
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