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Lost for words again

Sunrise in Waiouru. No I didn't almost get run over taking this.

This is what the mountain looked like on Saturday morning. By tonight it had snow down to the bottom. *whistles*

The main street of Dargaville on Saturday afternoon. Those sail things are new. Yep that's the Blah Blah Blah cafe.

Bathroom at the Funky Fish. Close up of the sign: ;-/

Some kid keeping up the family tradition of eating food that's bigger than your head.

(i had steak. it was good. mmmm steak..)

The kind of food you don't order on a first date if you want to look dignified while you're eating.

Mine on the left, Tommy's on the right.

A kitset long black = short black and a jug of hot water. At least it is in Whangarei, where they also don't make large lattes on weekends. WTF?

(big ups to Brown Sugar in Taihape who made me one in a soup bowl)

The Paparoa squad car.

New Zealand is so very beautiful. I saw horses from the Desert Road for the first time ever. My family rocks. That is all.
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