tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

You hear the strangest things when you're not listening

I was walking down Cuba St last night and there were two guys having an argument. It was a loud argument and you could see it was about to become physical. Looking on were the guy from the kebab shop (small, Middle Eastern, worried-looking) and a large black pitbull-type dog. I heard the argument over my mp3 player (this is saying something) from 100m away and could still hear them as I crossed Ghuznee St. Funny thing was, they were repeating themselves. Each person only said one thing, then the other would reply, as their voices got angrier and angrier. Nothing unusual about that, right?

Here's their argument:

Guy 1 (dreadlocks, short, stocky, maori, obviously drunk): "He's a good dog, Bro!"

Guy 2 (grey short hair, about 50, tall, white, obviously drunk): "But I love dogs!"

I kid you not. I thought I was back in Dargaville for a minute. Then I realised they weren't standing in the middle of the street doing it. *phew*

Speaking of Dargaville, I'll be there this weekend. Since Dargaville has been adopted by Auckland as a weekender, apparently it's changed. Since Auckland is a very 'scene' based place, I'm curious as to the Dargaville businesses' interpretation of the Auckland 'scene' and what they've done to accommodate it. Should be good for a bit of entertainment. And I'll get to see Mum and Tommy. And drive a lot.

Last night I had dinner with grist and catteeya (who I haven't seen for far too long and then saw again this morning) and we went to see X-men 3. It seems to have universal appeal. I think it's because secretly everyone would love to have Powers. Me, if I could choose, I'd choose shapeshifting. Yep. So many possibilities. Apparently everyone has a secret and a public superpower anyway.. I have no idea what my public one is, and my secret one? Well, that's a secret, innit?

Also, if you go, stay till the end of the credits.

I am trying to figure out how to write about the stuff that's going on in my head and, strangely, it won't come out. I am not usually lost for words. I can feel another Jane story coming on.

There may end up being a Jane book. Hmm..

[EDIT] Afterthought....
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