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Best laid plans etc

In which nothing really goes to plan but it works out ok anyway, and there is much talk of travel.

The Green Parrot became Hogs Breath thanks to graduation crowds. Dumb stupid not taking bookings. Anyway, that was my second Hogs Breath experience and again it was mediocre. For $5 more you can get better steak at the Argentinian Steakhouse on Cuba St, the Crazy Horse or the Green Parrot.

And then someone said "Let's go to Paris!" *blinks*

Then there was this:

This is a picture of there being no wind - none.

What it meant was that at 6.30am I got a call saying that I wasn't going to be doing this:

or this:

Instead I would be sleeping in. Hello, this is Wellington. Where's my wind, damnit!

Anyway, there was aikido and quiche and new music. I've found someone to rival Jarvis Cocker for Voice Of Extreme Hotness. The singer from Wishbone. Mmmmm. Andandand, they're from Wellington. Awesome. I am a happy new music bunny (and some new old music). Squeee!

And then someone said "Lets go to London!" *blinks again*

And then I stole Polly's imaginary friend:

This is Dot. She's very adjustable. As you can see, she needs a head. Feel free to mail me one. She is wearing the top I made on Saturday and demonstrating that she is now the same size and shape as me. I like this top. Please note the zip. Yep, I can do zips. Go me.

And then someone said "Lets go to LA!" *goes crosseyed*

Um, yeah. Three different people. In the same weekend. Think somebody's trying to tell me something? Whatever shall I do?

Later on Dot helped me change this..

(wanky sales pitch ahoy).

.. to this:

(which doesn't get a sales pitch but may get some red tights)

Yes I know, this dummy also needs a head.

In between there was some wandering around in paddocks being pursued by horses and counting sheep, wearing gumboots, muttering out of the side of my mouth, and saying things like "Get in behind." - for which I get paid. There's a house out at Horokiwi that's empty. It would probably be quite cheap rent.

And there was also this:

I would love to know what they are saying to each other.

Oh man, gotta love Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine doing Smack My Bitch Up. Oh yeah.
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