tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

They love me!

I don't think I've talked that much in one go since my interview for this job.

It was a very good review, they think I'm awesome and have asked me to take on more responsibility and offered to train me for the job. I asked for $5K. Unfortunately my manager has to discuss it with the CEO before I get any kind of confirmation. The good news is, any increase in salary will be backdated to January, when the review should have been.


It's that message to 10 people on your friends list thing. Blah blah etc.

1) One day I will meet you in person. It's a mission.
2) I wish you would start posting again. I miss your unique outlook.
3) Your intensity makes me uncomfortable, but I find myself drawn to you anyway.
4) You are delightful and bring joy to my life. I'm glad I know you.
5) Seeing you with your shirt off is one of life's great experiences.
6) You never fail to make me laugh. Move to Wellington, damnit!
7) If I had a sister, I'd want her to be like you.
8) I aspire to your wisdom.
9) I'm pretty sure you're avoiding me and I don't know why.
10) The way you write inspires me. (OK that's cheating, I can think of at least 10 people on my flist that this one applies to)
11) Just for Jez - I can't believe what an arrogant wanker you are.

The last two nights I've dreamed that I had long blonde hair. In my dream it suited me, although in reality when I had long blonde hair it determinedly birdsnested every time I moved and annoyed the hell out of me. But my dream-self enjoyed flicking it around.. *smile*

I also dreamed of Burning Man. There were sheep there. Just shows how much store you can set in dreams..

Oh, and - 80's fashion mistake that has made an unwelcome comeback - puff skirts. I saw 2 on my way to work this morning. Come on ladies! If you are a skinny girl they make your legs look like sticks, if you're a bigger girl they puff out and make you look wider. Just Say No to puff skirts!
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