tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Ikkyo, Nikkyo, Sankyo, YonkYOW!!

Just like a dance, only one where both participants are scratching their heads with confusion and instead of gently encircling a waist, we gently encircle a wrist and apply PAIN! Then someone falls on the floor.

(most of the places I dance don't work like this)

But can we say fun? Seriously.

The other day I was crossing the road with a friend (we actually waited for the green man for a change), blithely weaving between the people coming the other way, when I felt a breath of warm air on my neck and a low, male voice whispered "Hi." I turned to see who it was, but all I could see was a sea of backs - nobody I knew and nobody smiling over their shoulder. It remains a mystery. Who was the whisperer? What prompted them to whisper to me? I will probably never know. But now, every time I cross on that crossing, I smile to myself.

There is a phone box on Willis Street that makes me smile too, for the memory of a lightning-fast, laughing jacket-swap involving partial nudity while people strolled past on a Saturday night.

This must be how history is built up. I've been here long enough now that I think of this as my city, and see it in terms of places where things happened and who they happened with. It's like a living picture that's constantly changing, more detail being added but none fading. And it's all about the people, the relationships, the connection.

When I lived in the sticks, history was written on my mind in a different way. I went there to be alone, and the things that are in bold on my memory are for the most part solitary experiences, that lose something in the sharing. That's how I wanted it, and I wouldn't change it.

Someone made a comment the other day about how I was all country. I found this mildly offensive in a 'don't assume stuff about me' kind of way (remember the cranky I mentioned yesterday?). So I started thinking about it. And it's true, in that once you've had an experience and it has affected or changed you, it becomes part of who you are. But experience doesn't just stop. I've lived in the city for five years now, and it's affected and changed me and become part of who I am too. Nothing was lost in the change, plenty has been gained. And I have a lifetime yet to live.

I am a chameleon. And I like it.

Performance review tomorrow. Trepidation vs Excitement, Battle To The Death. Taking bets now..

And then there will be steak.

[EDIT] For the benefit of people with whom I was conversing this morning, yes. It's official. I am also a dork. ;-D

[MORE EDITING] And this: New DeathBoy Track: Anuism (feat. Mog Xykogen)

[FINAL EDIT] And yes, I do find it highly amusing that a 50+ commentfest was started by a casual, 6-word remark as an afterthought, while the rest of the post was largely ignored.. lalalaaaa.. *smile*
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