tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

The most powerful drug in the world

I found out last night that the age of consent in South Carolina is 15 for boys and 13 for girls. And, if you go there, you can get married without your parents' consent at 16 if you're a guy and 14 if you're a girl. Why the difference? I have no idea. Someone suggested that it was a law passed so that some good ol' boy with power in the system didn't get done for statutory rape. 13? Holy crap!

The Big O. No, not that Big O, the other one. Ovulation. Biggest double-edged sword in the world.

We become, in no particular order: Confident, cranky, attractive, emotional-in-a-good-way, sharp, nostalgic, horny, acerbic, breathless, emotional-in-a-bad-way, direct, hot, shaky, courageous, bravadinous (??), reminiscent, crampy, and extroverted. All at once.

(this is better than horses who just get cranky and kick things)

It's a trip, I tell you. I should wear a sign that says "NSFW." Really. Gotta love them hormones.

But, I did spend some time last night indulging myself by going through all my old mp3s. It continues to amaze me how evocative music can be. Some songs take me right to a specific situation and I can not only see but smell and feel it. Morning Light by Concord Dawn will always take me back to Burning Man, where the Canadians in the camp next to us played it LOUD and all the kiwis in camp just looked at each other and went "OMG!" It has other memories for me too, this song, which I won't go into here. I can't listen to Salmonella Dub's Push on Thru without thinking of driving over the Rimutakas just after I split up with Dave. It was a sunny morning in September, the leaves were coming out on the trees, it was cold, and I was crying. I can still remember how it felt. Yeah. I kind of went off Salmonella Dub after that. We Come One by Faithless reminds me of one of the happiest times of my life, a time of emergence and discovery and learning about trust.

I won't even start on Staralfur..

*ahem* I'll shut up now.


Him: What's that perfume you're wearing?
Her: Oh, something cheap.
Him: It suits you.

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