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Just sitting out in the paddock, having a learn..

Last night someone asked me to look after their flock of stud sheep for three weeks while they are away overseas. Basically it just involves checking and moving them regularly, which means I'd be driving up to Horokiwi every 2-3 days, puttering around for about an hour and coming back. Any idea what one should charge for such activities?

My new music arrived last night. It's Fifth Floor by Room Noir. BUY IT HERE!!! NOW!! This came to me kind of randomly by way of one of the guys in the band contacting me through Lastfm because my taste in music is apparently similar to his. An email turned up out of the blue saying "We just released an album, want it?" I'm like "Well duh! New music.." so it duly made its way to me from the horse's mouth, so to speak. A couple of people asked me what I think of it, so I thought I'd just post it here.

My very first impression was "Gosh. Someone got Placebo and Aphex Twin and locked them in a room with a large bag of Northland's Best and a singer with some vocal depth." But after listening through two or three times, I think there's more range in it than that. Although I think overall the album definitely fits the Emo category (it probably doesn't help that I know some of the back story behind the songs), I didn't find it depressing. Some of the lyrics are funny, some are cutting, and some of the tracks I think could stand without lyrics at all. I especially like the music, and wish I had a decent set of phones so I could hear all the depth that's in it as well as it's obviously intended. I know that switching from my earbuds to the phones I have at home made me go "Wow, this guy is really talented."

Definitely not everyone's cup of tea, but it's worth a listen by virtue of being interesting and not particularly kiwi-music sounding. I like it, and it's now on my regular playlist.

Today I am annoyed with war journalists. I actually watched the news last night and as usual they had the latest bombing from Iraq (although I note that nowadays it's in the 'in other news' slot as opposed to main headlines). There was a shot of a woman who had obviously lost someone, wandering through the crowd, crying. A split second before the clip finished, you could see the end of a large camera lens come into the shot, getting right up in her face, getting that perfect picture of The Grief Of War to send home for big dollars. Assholes.

I love stockings. Just saying..

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