tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Is your government trying to confuse you?

There has been a slight change of plans regarding the clothes swap, due to the fact that some amongst us have lives, complete with the necessity for things like work and sport commitments. So, the time has been changed to

4.30pm Sunday afternoon. K?

"Americans alive today can date the year and occasion when they ceased to accept as the truth statements from the highest levels of the United States government. In 1964 citizens overwhelmingly elected a peace candidate, Lyndon Johnson, who almost immediately plunged the nation into the longest and most shameful war we have ever fought. Since then, Americans have been the victims of deception after deception regarding Vietnam, with the result that an entire generation has grown up to believe that lying is built into the American political system.

The Vietnam War - not a war according to the Pentagon but an international armed conflict - inspired lying at a national level rarely seen before in history. The predominant strategy was the ornate euphemism - an effort to divert attention from the true horrors of death and destruction by labelling something the opposite of what it truly was. An aggressive attack by an armada or aeroplanes, which most speakers of English call simply an air raid, was instead spoken of as a momentary defensive strategy, a routine limited duration protective reaction. Defoliation of an entire forest, with the result that it may not sprout another green leaf for decades of even hundreds of years, was labeled a resources control program. The thirty-four dollars given to families of South Vietnamese civilians killed by mistake were called condolence awards, and bombing errors against friendly villages were termed navigation misdirections. Starving and homeless Vietnamese, fleeing from the horrors of war, did not seek survival in a refugee camp but instead discovered freshening experiences in what the Pentagon dubbed a new life hamlet or an Open Arms camp."

So that's where it all started, huh? Next time your boss asks you to brainstorm a strategy to maximise profit moving forward when you know they really mean the company's going down the gurgler, you better fix it or you're out of a job, blame Lyndon Johnson.

In other news, this morning I was passing clothes shops, and I noticed that the mannequins in some of the more modern ones are not wearing bras. No, you can't see their nipples (I'm pretty sure they still make them not-quite anatomically correct), but by the shape of their breasts and the position of them, they are not bra-supported. Score one for the braless! Just saying..

Oh yeah, today I'm listening to Hymn to the Moon by Eugenia Manolides - a piece for piano, strings and piccolo - it's kind of orchestral without the boomcrash that hurts my ears and puts me off most orchestral music. And it's pretty. It's on the album Living Theater Volume 1 if you're interested.
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