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Bits and pieces and scraps of weekend

Yesterday I watched Laura, which featured a very young Vincent Price. Back in 1944 when this was made, they didn't have special effects or multi-million dollar budgets, so the stories had to actually be good. Also, the sets are awesome (I especially liked the painted New York skyline). I appreciate the way they are all dressed, although 1944 was a double-breasted year and I prefer the single-breasted look because it's less bulky. However, it inspired me to dress 40's style (sort-of) today. I look like a schoolteacher (one with bright red hair) except for the hat. There may be photos of the hat later. ;-)

Speaking of clothes, after discussions in Katipo it has been decided that

Sunday 14th May, 12.30pm at Polly and Kathryn's

Is the time/venue for clothes swapping. Bring clothes if you have them, yourself if you don't (there may be something there for you) and something to eat or drink. Personally, I have three bags full of stuff to give away, and I need more hats and jackets in my life.

Today, I'm listening to Lhasa de Sela. She came to me by a circuitous route from Ralph (whose house has always been filled with a richness of sound when I've been there). She has an amazing smoky voice and sings in Spanish, French and English. You can have a listen here (I can't put them up on my site anymore) and if you feel like registering you can probably dl some for free. Just saying.

Then there's this:

After yesterday morning's activities, I am just in that state of soreness across my back below the shoulderblades, that stretching this morning was an almost orgasmic experience. What? You don't know what I mean? Try it! I dare yah.

Finally, random occurrence of the weekend - Charlotte and I are sitting watching the abovementioned movie, and some guy knocks on the door: "Is that your Singer Vogue parked out there?" *suspiciously* "Yessss..." "Would you be willing to have it used in a TV commercial? We'll pay you $X.." "Wheeee!"

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