tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

In praise of the F word

"In the entire language of proscribed words, from slang to profanity, from the mildly unclean to the utterly obscene, including terms relating to concealed parts of the body, to excretion and excrement as well as to sexuality, one word reigns supreme, unchallenged in its preeminence. It sits upon a throne, an absolute monarch, unafraid of any princely offspring still unborn, and by its subjects it is hated, feared, revered and loved, known by all and recognized by none." ~ Edward Sagarin

"Whether used as a noun (a fuck), verb (to fuck), or adjective (fucking), it is a full-fledged word and not dialect or slang. Nor can fuck even be considered sub-standard, since it is a part of the linguistic repertoire of all speakers of proper English, whether or not they publicly acknowledge the fact. It turns up, for example, in the speech of anaesthetised patients, both male and female, who are among the most respectable citizens in their communites. And it is one of the oldest and most enduring words in the English language. Its first dictionary appearance was in John Florio's A Worlde of Wordes (1598), where it was listed with four other words having the same meaning; jape, sard, swive, and occupy. These other words have disappeared from English usage, except for occupy, which was scrubbed clean of its sexual connotations and returned to respectable speech in the early nineteenth century. Yet, fuck has persisted and remained vividly alive.

Part of the reason for its persistence - and also a partial expanation for its being taboo - is that fuck is unabashedly explicit. Among all the words for the sex act, fuck is the only one that has no connotations or usage not related to its primary meaning. The other words are either euphemistic (such as to sleep with), metaphorical (to screw), technical (copulate, which also has other meanings in grammar and in logic), or legal (fornicate, which also is an architectural term)." ~ Peter Farb

OK, this is where I had to stop reading and go check. Fornicate? An architectural term? Off to Google with the search terms "fornicate architecture". Sure enough, it is an adjective that means arched or vaulted. So, you can have a fornicate entry to your house. Or if you're so inclined, your bedroom can be fornicate. Excellent!

But I digress. I agree with this guy. What's wrong with the word fuck? Why are the stupid nanny filters stopping it? Everyone knows it, everyone knows what it means, and most people use it. So why stop people reading it?

And while I'm on the subject, I have a friend who lost access to lj because of a discussion in my blog about gender-related issues. The comments included the word 'sex' multiple times in reference to men and/or women - it was all perfectly above board. But apparently we aren't supposed to read such words. Why not? Will it traumatise us? Will it distract us from our work? Hello, if I was expected to work all day with no micro breaks of irrelevant entertainment, I'd be a hell of a lot less productive. Things like politics get people more het up than references to sex on the internet. And the actual sex sites hardly ever use the word. Grr!

(yes you may have guessed that censorship of this kind pisses me off)

Um, anyway, Vive la fuck, I say. I think we should all make an effort to use it at least once a day in an inappropriate place. Yep.
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