tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

The birthday that goes for a week!

(Don't worry, I'll stop going on about it soon)

Butbut! It started last Friday with dinner and presents, and won't finish till this Thursday with more dinner. Last night grist surprised me with Stuff and Things. More specifically, my lunch break today will be spent in Mountain Designs, for once not only drooling but BUYING! Wheee!!! *hugs Grist*

And also this:

I can imagine all sorts of uses for a device such as this, can't you?

So anyway, I was sitting there with a friend last night reminiscing about birthdays past, and we decided to see how far back we could remember in 5-year increments. What stood out? Hmm..

This year, as I mentioned, my birthday has gone for a week. Awesome. I marked the day by getting dressed up and eating large amounts of ice cream. I've also never had so many birthday wishes in my life. *smile* But the thing that will probably stay in my mind is that my best friend left town. Oh well, who said memories have to be always joyful? Bittersweet has its own special poignance.

5 years ago I was working at an agricultural training farm with teenage boys, and I can remember being covered in green slime from the water troughs by way of celebration. I can also remember there was a shearing course going on and I spent the day laughing at red-faced, frustrated farm lads and saying things like "Relax!" (which, for anyone who hasn't tried shearing, is easier said than done).

10 years ago on my birthday, my son said his first word. It was "horse." ;-)

15 years ago it was my 21st. I got engaged (bad idea but I didn't realise that at the time). I was doing a course in administration and a big bouquet of flowers arrived for me at class. It was the first and only time I've ever been sent flowers. (note: I prefer ones artfully pilfered from the neighbour's garden to ones from a florist). Also, my then fiance failed to turn up for my birthday dinner because he was shearing sheep in the middle of the night.

20 years ago I had just got my drivers license the day before. I took the day off school and spent it riding my horse.

25 years ago my parents had just moved to the country, a little place called Taipuha. The neighbour caught me hanging over his fence looking (drooling) at his horses. There was one there that was small and grey and lovely. He said "If you can catch it, you can have it." It took me over a year, but I caught the damn thing and sold it (unbroken). I used the money to buy my first real horse, who was with me throughout my teenage years and was known around the district as The Mighty Nutcase. I hesitate to guess how many miles we did together, but it would easily be in the thousands. ;-)

30 years ago, I don't really remember. I do remember my fourth birthday though. I was showing off to my kindy friends and cut my own hair. My Mum has a photo of it, and it looks amazingly, lopsidedly like my current style (sans red). And I'm wearing a short skirt in similar style to the one I wore on Monday.


OK, you can wake up now.. *kick*

In other news, the new manager at work is.. *ahem* .. 'very keen'. She keeps popping in with little jobs for me and I'm feeling the "I'm not a damn receptionist" resentment again. Having something to do is nice, but I don't need constant supervision, and I can see there may be some training in order. Hmm.. like sheepdogs, perhaps a good Stop whistle first.. *grin*

There will be trips to the Post Office today.. *secret sneak*
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