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Go shout it!

Way hay! I finally got to open the big box! And what was inside? I know you are all waiting with bated breath to know. Well. First was a present from Tommy that he'd made. It's a window, in a frame, with glass and everything. He's painted it blue and put a stencil cutout of a horse's head on the frame. It's got a slot so I can put any scene I like in the window. How cool is my kid? Also, from Mum, a scrying mirror. I kid you not. And as a card, instead of an actual card, she's made a miniature maypole, complete with woven ribbons and traditional May Day rhyme painted calligraphy-style around the base. Who else's Mum gives them a scrying mirror and a maypole for their birthday? I have the coolest family..

Another cool thing I got given was a large green bucket. A bucket? Yeah, a bucket. It came from segrada, with the words "Out of all the people I know, you're the most likely to appreciate this." "Why's that then?", said I. "Well," he said, " It's not so much the bucket, but the empty space within it." Hehe. Sean, you're cool. He then proceeded to pick a huge bunch of fennel and put that in too. *smile* I love the smell of fennel.

And then there was Charlotte, who finished my skirt. I've mentioned that Charlotte designs and makes clothes and has basically claimed me as her clothes-horse, right? And she just got given a huge pile of fabric samples. So in true Charlotte style, she spent the weekend drawing, sewing and measuring, so she could have something ready for my birthday. Today, I am wearing the curtains. ;-)

Not the best photo in the world, me not being accustomed to taking pictures of myself and there being no handy photographer around. Also, I was in a hurry to go and catch the dumbstupid bus. But anyway, it's green and short and flarey, and there are black tights and ankle boots (thanks pagurus for advice on dressing oneself), and people keep staring at my legs. I may get a better photo later.

So anyway, I'm wearing my new skirt and mp3 player, and have discovered an intrinsic problem with women's clothes, that being the lack of pockets. This is nothing new, but the mp3 player really does need to be carried on my person (unlike, say, a cellphone which can go in my bag). The past couple of days I've just been tucking it in the waistband of my clothes. This is fine for walking between car and house, but this morning there was a 20 minute walk from the bus stop to work, and the slippery litte device started making its way down my clothes. Now, Lambton Quay at quarter to eight in the morning is not the sort of place where you can easily stop to fish things out of your undies, so I can safely say that

a) I am now much more intimate with Boards of Canada than I ever thought I would be, and
b) I need to find a better solution for carrying the player.

I'm thinking a small inside pocket in my jacket. And I'm wondering why it doesn't already have one. mp3 players are nothing new, and pretty much everyone has one. So, designers, it's time to drag women's clothes out of the dark ages and put some pockets for electronic devices in them.

Yesterday I enjoyed food, fire and friendliness with a small group of special people, and there was this:

This makes me happy. I like otters. *smile*

Happy Birthday to me! *skip* And also, Happy Birthday nzguero
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