tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Please, we'll have no references to my big box, kthxbye..

Yesterday I was sitting in my office, blithely minding my own business, when Tracy the Receptionist came running through saying "There's a huge parcel for you here!" And she wasn't kidding.

I like getting parcels. I especially like getting huge parcels. One of the best bits was carrying it through town on my way home, seeing all the people looking and wondering and *grin* envying.. I mean, whenever I see someone carrying a huge parcel, I start thinking about what's in it, making up stories for how they came about it, building an imaginary life for this person around the parcel they are carrying.

It's actually a birthday present from my Mum. But it's HUGE! And I don't know what's in it. And it got heavy around Cuba Mall. Luckily I ran into a friend with a camera (not literally, I'm not that clumsy even when I can't see my feet), so I can share with the world just how big this parcel is..

How kind of my Mum to provide me with a multi-purpose present..

The downside is I have to wait till Monday to find out what's in it.

In other news, I have missing skin on my back, elbow and shoulder. Yep, sensei decided it was time we all learned to 'open up our chests' when rolling. This involves squaring your shoulders and sort of diving into the roll. Sounds simple, eh? And it is. Simply painful. Oh yeah, I got used to it after a while (and after my gi bunched up just in the spot where I landed and after Mike decided I should start breakfalling from the roll by hanging on to my hand). It feels nice when you get it right. But there's no safety option - if you balls it up, it's going to hurt. ie, just my kind of thing. *smile*

Satori through ukemi with abrasion? Hmm.

Doop de doo, off to Masterton to sell some wool today..
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