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From the 'It's all about me" archive

Last night there was climbing. Not particularly challenging climbing, but lots of fun. My recent loss of 15% of my bodyweight makes for some interesting changes in the way I climb, what with the shearing having maintained strength and muscle mass. Hmm. As usual we did the big impressive (but not very hard) overhang, and some woman asked if I was from the circus.. *grin* The trick with the overhang is go fast, keep arms straight and you get extra points for gratuitous flagging. Also, I think it's funny when people are really impressed at a girl doing it - I mean, hello? It's about power:weight ratio, not chromosomal arrangement. But anyway..

The climbing kind of signified the end of an era. As most of you probably know, my regular climbing partner of the last couple or three years has decided to go inhale some of the Big Smoke for a while, maybe permanently. (tip: Mt Eden quarry ain't the Head, but it's apparently quite good if you can elbow all the other folks out of the way). So last night there was a fat lady singing while I was climbing, making it a somewhat bittersweet experience. Awesome to go out with a bang, not so awesome to be holding back tears at the end. I repeat - I am a sap.

What this means is that I'm looking for new people to climb with. Ideally I'd like to find a regular partner but they are just not that easy to come by, and it'll be a while before I can do a road trip to a cool new crag without thinking "I wish notnot was here." So while I'm putting out the vibe to the universe of my idea of the ideal person, I'm thinking maybe group climbing might be the go. Anyone who's keen (and I know there are a few out there), please add me to your list of folks that you know will be up for it.

My list of attributes for a climbing buddy
    Trustworthy (like, with your life kind of trustworthy)
    Someone I click with
    Has similar hours of availablilty
    Sense of adventure and humour
    Available for road trips occasionally
    Climbing at a similar level or willing to learn
    Looks good with shirt off
    Not about to leave town

Don't ask much, do I?

I've been thinking about clothing sizes. Why are women's sizes so confusing? I have clothes in my wardrobe (that fit me) ranging from size 6 to size 14. It's crazy. Men's pants sizes are based on waist measurement and length of leg. A man can go into a shop and try on say a 32 long, and be pretty sure it's going to fit. I, on the other hand, have to take about 3 pairs of jeans to the changing room each time, and even then it's no guarantee that I'm in the ball park.

I suggest we campaign for some kind of international standardisation of women's clothing sizes. I don't care if having your waist measurement in inches displayed on the label of your clothing is a problem for some people. I don't care if being size 10 is an ego boost for someone who's normally a size 12-14. I just want a 10 to be a 10 from one shop to another, and from one label to another. I'm happy to pay for alterations to allow for the fact that I (along with every other woman) am a unique shape - I have to do that anyway. Just please, improve my shopping experience. Throw away your skinny mirrors, standardise your dress sizes and I'll be out of your changing rooms much faster, leaving room for the next happy customer.

So yeah, today it's all about me and what I want. Hee!
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