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Highlights in bulletpoints (bulletpoints being the new black)

Except, of course, this is Wellington, so the new black is actually black.

  • Dressing up in a straitjacket for the hell of it (must.have.one).
  • More coffee with Ralph.
  • Being used as a dressmaker's dummy by someone who wants to completely revamp my wardrobe. I am very good at standing still while people go nuts with pins.
  • Playing with BM costume ideas with Kim.
  • Sunset on Paraparaumu beach in stillness.
  • Driving around in the back of a Porsche with a cellist playing on National Radio.
  • Walking through town in my muppet-skin coat with nothing underneath and getting changed in a phone box.
  • Getting dressed up in fishnets and going to Sophie's birthday with all the pretty people (even if I was late). Happy Birthday Sophie *smooch*. Cyrus's hair was a highlight. Tryhard Ben was a lowlight.
  • Absinthe effects.
  • Finding out that the white smoke coming out from under the bonnet of my car was only a short across the battery terminal caused by a random bolt that fell into it from Nowhere.
  • Being told something that made me go 'Urk' and smile at the same time. Try it, it makes your mouth go a really funny shape.
  • Hanging out with Rebecca and exchanging coy smiles with A Pretty Lad at the beach.
  • Being allowed to use 'outie' as a word in Argument Scrabble.

Also, this:

My favourite song lyric of the weekend:
She wants to sleep with common people like me.. but she didn't.
Yeah, still with the Pulp.. Except when it's William Shatner. *grin*
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