tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

On the orangeness of other people's legs

I was walking down the street this morning, and in front of me was a woman. She was dressed in a very nice waistcoat and one of those swingy flip skirts that I always want to feel to find out what the material is - you know the ones, they look all soft and swishy and the fabric is heavy but floaty at the same time. Yeah, I really liked her skirt. It stopped just above the knee and would have looked really good... but... she had fake tanned her legs. They were orange. Which would be fine, only her hands and face were pink. And it clashed, really badly. Also, you could see where it had concentrated on the back of her ankles and knees. To add to this, she had that blonde-over-dark dyed hair that I had two years ago, and that every second woman seems to have these days. The whole look would have been fine, except for the orange legs.

I felt like offering to swap my pants for her skirt, but being walloped with a large handbag wasn't on my priority list today. I just, well, really wanted that skirt.

Tats <-- *having a shallow moment*

What's with the fake tanning anyway? I mean, I know that sunbathing is unhealthy, but I don't see how dyeing yourself can be any healthier. C'mon ladies! Embrace your whiteness! White, like black, goes with everything! OK, some of us are more blue than white, but blue's pretty easy to coordinate too..

My knees are sore from five training sessions on squishy mats. I'm looking forward to getting back to our scruffy old tatami. I do, however, think that my aikido has moved forward. There's a glimmer of.. something (understanding? no, not a brain thing. more a being thing) happening. Hard to explain but much more satisfying than getting my feet in the right places, somehow.

And, my Mum rocks. Just so you know.
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