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Experimenting on oneself is one of the oldest forms of science so STFU

This morning my opportunist bottom-feeder of a dog ate a live cicada. In front of me. Can we say "Ew"? And, "Gross!" Also - "Gag!"

(First says "Mmm crunchy!")

After my late night - which, incidentally, I'm still feeling pretty chuffed about - I have grainy eyes and the perpetual numbness is transmogrifying (I love that word - who wouldn't?) into a slight snappishness and a vague kind of, well.. vagueness. Where am I? What was I supposed to be doing again? What the hell do all these stats mean? It would seem that sleep is important to one's personal wellbeing - or at least the wellbeing of the project one is supposed to be working on.

I have a bunch of new icons that were sent to me out of the blue for no reason, (and are appreciated) but being a tightwad with a free account I can only use some of them at a time. This one's perfect for me right now. FTW! And not in the WoW DDO sense either. In the traditional FTW Society sense. What, you haven't heard of the FTW Society? Where have you been?

I am becoming interested in the effect of physical state on mental state. Specifically, the physical extremes I tend to put myself through, and how they affect the way I think. Or something.

*can't think straight*

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