tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

In which Tats admits to working for some insensitive people in the past

The other day, grist bought a badly-needed new blanket for Zen's basket. Zen, being of a certain age and a bit resistant to change, views this alteration with suspicion and wants his beanbag back, thanks. Not so other opportunist bottom-feeders in this house. Yep, First loves it. She doesn't even look guilty.

(in case you're wondering about poor wee Zen, he's happily ensconced on the couch. he is nothing if not looking after number one)

I am now officially bored with being at home. I'd like to go out and Do Stuff, but the weather is inclement. Luckily I have a road trip organised for the weekend and hopefully the weather will be more suited to my convalescent state There than Here.

One thing, though, that's nice, is getting out the winter clothes. Mmmm.. ankle length cashmere coat, mmm.. hats, mmm..*insert your favourite winter garment here* In fact, what is your favourite winter garment? I'd have to say my coat - it's so warm and snuggly and I can lurk in it pretending I'm a vampire. It's also the only thing I own that's cashmere and it makes me feel posh.

There's also a big one on a wall in Wakefield St that says "Why aren't you dancing?" and someone has written underneath "I like dancing".. these make me happy.

In other news, Uretiti beach is overrun with katipo spiders. In case you didn't know, Uretiti is Northland's best known nudist beach. It's also where lots of Whangarei teenagers go to 'do their homework together.' I used to work for a guy who was a nudist. He was also a gameboat skipper (hence my job). One day I took my (at the time fairly new) boyfriend to meet Evan. The weather wasn't good for fishing, so, to my horror, Evan decided to take us to the beach. Uretiti beach. And yes, he got his gear off and walked around waving in the breeze. I was mortified to say the least. I mean, I have no problem with nudity but there are some things that just aren't, well, quite right to inflict on your new beau. I'm pretty sure your aging boss, in the nude, running and jumping, is one of them.

No, the relationship didn't last, although that was nothing to do with Evan and his winkie-waving. They actually got on ok. They just couldn't look each other in the, er, eye... *snerk*

So yeah, the thought of poisonous spiders at Uretiti will always make me think of Evan. Luckily I have more memories of him with his clothes on..

Doop de dooo, are you plucking your eyes out yet?
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