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I have sunburn. I am a dork. *grins happily*

Last night I had what may possibly be the best steak I've had in this town.. OK yes, it was the best steak. This is no small accomplishment, considering how many places I've tried. But, Crazy Horse on Willis wins. It cost $10 more than the Green Parrot for a scotch fillet meal with pineapple juice (my standard order), but oh so very worth it. And, the entertainment industry wankfest didn't start till we were about to leave. The woman with the mud brown light-tulle (dyed curtain netting?) princess skirt, the blue suede cowboy boots (with riding heel, nicolachampagne), and a shirt that matched neither and had sequins, would probably be thankful for the 'ambience' (read - too dim for flash-free photos not to be blurry), if she had known what we were up to. But *cough* yeah. Excellent steak. I recommend it.

Today it was beautiful and sunny all day where I was. Yep.

This is Gav. He's one of my favourite people.

Yes, his shirt does say "I'd worry about turning 40 if I wasn't so damn sexy." He's one of the few people I know that can get away with wearing a shirt like that.

Gav lives here:

This is the Mikimiki valley, and those mountains are the Tararuas. You can tell the weather is changing by the way the clouds are sitting on the peaks like a cap. When they do that you know it's going to cloud over later. Anyway, pretty, isn't it?

Well, actually, Gav lives here:

He was originally offered this for $3000, and hummed and harred long enough so that eventually the guy gave it to him. It has everything, including the kitchen sink, a tv, sound system, shower, double-size bedroom and a pot belly stove. No motor though.

This is Gav's dog Fritz.

Fritz comes nearly to my hip. He's the biggest German Shepherd I've ever seen, is 10 years old, still has his nuts and is the only dog First doesn't automatically assume she can take on sight.

This is what you can see from Gav's house bus:

Picturesque, huh? Also, next time I'll bring my blimmin shearing gear so I can grind it (which is really just an excuse to nosey around inside). There are also various bits of random rust(y)ic farm machinery lying about the place that were just too twee to photograph.

We went for a walk. We were looking for a dam, which we found after running about the hills for 5-6km. I like the way when I say "Lets go look over there", Gav says "OK lets go." He likes walking.

These are some cows on Gav's farm:

Because I know everyone likes cows. Yes, I know these are steers. Some of the actual cows on this farm are about to go to Mexico to start a dairy herd there.

One of the things I like about Gav is how laid back he is. Exhibit A:

Actually I think this is collapsing after being carted down and back up a large gully looking for a potential cave. But yeah, if Gav was any more laid back, he'd fall over. See?

And this is me, getting back to nature.

Note the tastefully applied beads of sweat. I, of course, wasn't collapsed, merely enjoying the feel of grass to lie on, and appreciating the beauty of the Wairarapa sky.

While I was down there (and no, not in the Bowie interpretation of 'down there', thanks), I noticed these:

How cool are they, surviving in what is pretty much a brown drought and being beautiful in their microcosmic way?

And then, afer more sweating, I looked up and there was this:

So, a beautiful macrocosm also. With sheep!

Finally we reached the level where scree was starting to happen.

Here we rested and considered drinking out of the spring we had just checked (ostensibly our 'reason' for the walk). However I'm embarrassed to admit that it looked yucky and hadn't yet gone through the series of settling tanks that remove the greeblies before it comes out of the tap in Gav's bus, so I passed. So did Gav. So, um, yeah. Back to the bus for a coffee instead. *sheepish grin*

And, for anyone who was in any doubt that it's autumn now:

These are swallows. They migrate. Before they migrate they hang about on power lines gathering a posse and pooping on things and skirmishing and generally being a noisy rabble. Then one day they just up and go, like that. *snaps fingers* Clearly, these ones have not yet gone. But they will. And then it will be winter.

Finally, more cows:

Because everyone likes cows (even if they are really steers)..

Being at Gav's place is like having a hot bath after a day outside in winter, or having a massage when you've been climbing.. but for your inside rather than your outside. It's hard to explain - the Wairarapa has its own kind of magic and this guy just belongs in the Wairarapa, so together they are awesome. And, of course, I love the hills so being in them makes me a happy camper too. I had to leave eventually, but not before ham sandwiches and Food Dude:

Smart guy, Food Dude.

Back in Wellington, it was raining. But rain's good too. Really quite a perfect Sunday, made more perfect by last night's steak and epiphany, and ending with picking up Tommy for a completely out-of-the-blue, unexpected day of togetherness.

*smiles happily* Life's not always perfect, but today was pretty damn close.
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