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Warning - many photos behind cut

Take three people who aren't out to cause any trouble...

Yes I am aware that this is the classic Myspace shot. But not the classic Myspace background.

Give them some toys to play with..

Till they break them.

Take some 'arty photographs'

Then provide a snack (yes that is popcorn stuck on spaghetti)

Throw some popcorn at people who really didn't deserve it..

And send them out looking for things to photograph..

Concentric circles are pretty

How many girls can say they found a car that matches their hair?

And yes, that is the sticky-outy bit that Will Not Die.

Lurk in parks..

Try with varying degrees of success to get everyone in the photo..

Loll around in the grass for a while..

And go to sleep peacefully by the beach, watching the clouds dance with the stars.

I think we covered about 10 miles in total. Yay for quiet strolls of an evening.

So, pretty tame really. Um, what did you do?

In other news, I saw Jarhead. I enjoyed it which is unusual for me and war movies, but it was funny and human and had nudity. What can I say? The scene with the horse got inside me and twisted. Made me think about animals in war, which I'm sure it was intended to do (yeah, I'm suggestible, so what?).

Now, I'm taking my book to bed.
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