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Again with the bra talk! *collective sigh*

So I found one that's comfortable and also, only $9.95! Low cost is always a bonus. It's a sport-type one that fastens at the front and has ventilation type material at the back. It has no underwires and no seams in unsightly places. I doubt it would be supportive enough for the bigger girls but it works great for me.

But the weird thing - it has a 't-shirt' type cup (ie no seams, just shaped cloth) - and the part surrounding the nipple is thinner - almost see-through. Now, I'm guessing this is for ventilation again, which is a good thing (who needs sweaty nipples anyway?), but of course it kind of defeats the purpose of taming over-friendly nipples, right?

But that's ok. Here's my twisted logic as to why:

It looks like a bra. It can be seen through my usual work shirts. Ergo, if I'm wearing a bra and my nipples are still poking people in the eye, it must be because my breasts are reallyreally pert. Not because I'm a no-bra-wearing ho-bag. Thus works my mind on the whole bra vs no bra thing. And that makes it ok for me to wear it to work - at least I'm trying, or something like that.
[/look into Tats' bizarre mind]

Still with the no bra outside working hours though. Nyah!

Also: because smart equals sexy - a weetbix packet guide to chaos theory.
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